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The RISE Project

RESPECT: supporting respectful, consensual relationships.

INTERVENTION: enlisting individuals and the community to end all forms of violence, especially sexual assault, dating abuse, stalking and sexual harassment, through primary prevention education and social activism.

SAFETY: encouraging personal exploration, growth and discussion about healthy relationships, while providing spaces for healing.

EMPOWERMENT: empowering those victimized by sexual violence through advocacy and crisis intervention.


The RISE Project is committed to supporting consensual relationships of all forms while working to end sexual and relationship violence at Warren Wilson College.

We do this by providing thoughtful primary prevention education, outreach and social activism on campus and in the world at large.

We are committed to working with anyone questioning their sexual and relationship experiences, and anyone that may be sure of their experiences. We are committed to supporting people of all genders, races, sexualities, ethnicities, nationalities, interests and abilities.

We are committed to supporting survivors of many forms of violence ranging from childhood sexual abuse to dating violence to acquaintance rape to emotional abuse to stalking, amongst others.

Contact Information:
Office Phone: 828.771.3798 or 3799
Ext. 3798 (for RISE Crew) or 3799 (for the RISE Director)
Dodge 1st Floor
Hotline (after office hours and weekends): 828.337.3264