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A need for openness and disclosure…

While the investigation at Penn State around Sandusky (his criminal behavior and the colleges response to the reported behaviors) is active – and conclusions should not be made prematurely – a report at CNN reads: “Joe Paterno’s apparent preference for handling scandalous issues internally, and what role that may have played in a potential cover-up involving former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.”

Again, at this time, this report from CNN is not conclusive – the investigation is ongoing… however, the issue of keeping sexual and relationship violence quiet fits a pattern of behavior many institutions take when dealing with these forms violence.

Institutions must not keep reports of violence quiet.  When one person or one program decides to keep “scandalous issues” (read: criminal behavior) internal to their program – the institution is damaged, the credibility of response programs are hurt – but most importantly, people are hurt and an aggressor is allowed to injure others.

The RISE Project encourages reporting.  Reporting helps us respond to the needs of survivors.  Reporting helps us address those that are hurting others.  Institutions cannot remain silent.  If you or someone you know has been hurt while at Warren Wilson College – please contact RISE, Public Safety or the Warren Wilson Counseling Center.

- The RISE Director


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