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You Can’t Step in the Same River Twice

Reflections on the Ever-Evolving Wilson from a Soon-to-be-Alumni

The Inner Workings of The Echo

After the release of our last issue, one of my friends asked me how many crew members were on The Echo, and before I could respond he suggested “like four right?” I was immediately appalled; surely he couldn’t be serious? Surely he didn’t think that all the writing, photography, editing and design was done by [...]

Letter from the Editor: Taking off the MFA Rose Tinted Glasses

By Grace Hatton  On January 3rd , I flew back to Asheville from  my home in Florida to attend a class I’d been  looking forward to since freshman year, the  Master in Fine Arts in Creative Writing  residency. I was blessed to be accepted into the  January residency along with eight other  undergraduate creative writing [...]

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Staff Writer, Christian Diaz, sounds off on vandalism


We need more of it in a larger variety, of a better quality and more frequently.

Creating a new foundation for the college

College Chaplain Steve Runholt indicated in his Thanksgiving sermon that Warren Wilson College was founded on “three core Calvinist values: education, industry and righteousness.”

Why we don’t have snacks

Warren Wilson College lacks a suitable space in which students can congregate. Most colleges are outfitted with some center which features various services for students throughout the day: food, activities, rest and a place where students can commune between classes and work.

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