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Open Letter to Dean of Students

Approved by the Student Caucus As students and a body representing the student voice of the college, we rise with concern and disappointment regarding the recent decisions made in the Student Life Office. We are less concerned about the decisions themselves and more that students have not been adequately involved in the decision-making process. This [...]

Changes to sustainability leadership

Ehrlich takes over as Environmental Sustainability PAC Representative

Showing up to make a change

Community discussion of the governance structure held in the chapel

Joel Adams returns as board of trustees chair

New chair of the board

Staff Forum gets heated as equity stipend debated is reignited

Christian Diaz, Staff Writer Staff Forum has set forth a motion to request from the board of trustees information relating to a possible equity compensation for employees in domestic partnerships who pay taxes on medical benefits. The proposal is a response to unequal treatment of domestic partnerships on behalf of the law, which does not [...]

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