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Introducing World News Club

By Gabriel Setright


The World News Club* (we don’t have an official name yet) is an open group of students that meet to share, discuss and explore news that happens from around the world.  The creation of this “group-club-society” originated from discussions and conversations that were naturally occurring after every environmental/social justice event.  Through these conversations, many students felt that important historical events that were taking place outside the Wilson bubble were not being openly discussed on the college campus. The creation of this “club” is an opportunity for the entire college body to critically participate and engage in issues that are happening across the world. A first organizational meeting was held last Tuesday, in which the following decisions were made:  1) The group is still finding a proper name that accurately describes and emphasizes the values of the club. 2) This group will meet every Tuesday between 5:00pm and 6:00pm in Gladfelter, in either the student lounge or Mierke (if available) 3) An important component of the group is the online conversation. All members are welcomed to participate and share insights and news through the group email. 4) There are no club leaders and all decision making is done by consensus.

If you are interested in joining the email list, please email me at gperezsetright@warren-wilson.edu or show up to our next meeting!  We are all just students that want to eat and talk about what’s happening around the world, all topics are welcomed!




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