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Recycling Crew’s Abilities Have Expanded

Submission from Recycling Crew

The Recycling Crew is now able to accept more items for recycling on campus! You can now recycle Cartons & Aseptic Containers with your Plastic Recycling (or with Mixed Bottles & Cans). Cartons & Aseptic Containers include: milk, soy, creamer, OJ & other drink cartons (with or without a plastic spout); Epsom salt cartons; fabric softener & Egg Beaters cartons; juice, soup & broth boxes; and wine boxes. Items that cannot be recycled include ice cream cartons and Chinese ‘to-go’ containers.

We are also accepting all Plastic Containers #1-7. This is basically any plastic container from the grocery store WITH a Recycling Symbol on the bottom.

There are a few exceptions: we still cannot take black microwaveable trays or Styrofoam. Plastics #1-7 includes: all bottles, jugs, tubs, spray bottles, squirt bottles, etc; deli meat containers with a symbol; and plastic drinking cups with a symbol. Keep in mind, this is just for containers and does not include items like 6-pack rings or Saran wrap.

Also — please go to the Recycling website & review all of the Miscellaneous Recyclables we are accepting! These items include candy & energy bar wrappers, toothpaste tubes & toothbrushes, cookie packaging (outer wrapper & inner plastic tray), e-waste, Brita filters & more! These items can be placed in “Miscellaneous Recyclables” bins found in many areas around campus.


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