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Sodexo Moves to Propose Renovations Timeline

by Becky Holcomb, staff writer

Rendering of the new cafe to be built in the basement of Sunderland

Sodexo’s proposal was accepted by our presidential advisory committee and will continue to provide its food services for Wilson.

A committee met Jan. 16th with a group representing Sodexo to configure overlapping goals and plans regarding the renewal of Sodexo’s contract. This contract, according to Liz Brace, has yet to be signed because a timeline needs to be developed for the renovations Sodexo plans to make.

As of now the renovations should be done by July 1st, though Brian O’Loughlin, Sodexo’s general manager, stated that they might not be done until the beginning of next fall.

Warren Wilson students will be pleased to hear that Sodexo is concerned with reaching out for student input in the renovation process. O’Loughlin welcomes participation and suggests going through a student caucus committee that he hopes will specifically address the renovations to both dining facilities and the new cafe.

This committee, however, has not been formed yet.

Additionally, a survey will be made available to assess student needs.

Though layouts have been developed for the renovations, Brace says, “It’s not a done deal,” in terms of the finalized layout plans.

Current plans include a self-serve pizza station, dessert bar and entrée station. This will provide students with a completely different dining experience; one that is free of long lines during the lunch and dinner rush.

Also, there is a possibility for ‘flex dollars’. With flex dollars students have the option of using their swipe cards not only at Gladfelter, but at Sage and the new café under Sunderland as well.


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