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The Warren Wilson Echo Joins In On Paper Reduction Efforts

by Nathan Gower, staff writer

Numerous campus-wide efforts are being undertaken to reduce the usage of paper. Whether it be the PaperCut printing management software, a professor’s emphasis on technology, Gladfelter’s installation of a chalkboard versus traditional paper menus, or any number of things, Warren Wilson’s commitment to campus greening continues to increase in strength.

We at the Echo are no exception. Though it is difficult to cease a print edition altogether, we have discussed myriad ways in which we can join in the campus-wide initiatives.

The most monumental change is our reduction of printed copies of the Echo. We will begin by cutting back our print edition’s run by fifty issues. This is not meant to discourage reading of the Echo, but in fact to encourage sharing of the physical copy. We will be strategically distributing copies around campus, on each table in the dining halls for example, as one means of our new sharing philosophy.

Furthermore, we have made efforts to standardize the length of the print edition, as well as eliminating negative space within the issue.

Not only will this save paper and resources, but it will also save the college money! The cost of printing 200 copies of a 16-page issue is nearly half that of a run of 300 at 24-pages per issue.

By no means are we discouraging your keeping a copy of the Echo. Rather, we are trying to eliminate discarded or recycled issues of the Echo as much as possible. If you want to hold onto one, by all means do. If, however, you just browse occasionally through articles and toss the Echo elsewhere, our new strategy of distribution and our lessened run better suits you.

Our experiment in paper reduction will be ongoing. If you have suggestions, please let us hear them!

In addition, our website features the same, and sometimes more, information than our printed copy! Furthermore, our blog Reverb has quirkier creative content, including audio and video, that is scarcely in the print edition. We encourage you to visit these sites frequently, in addition to the physical format you’re holding in your hands right now!


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