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Student Caucus Update, May 3

by Sarah Banks, staff writer

  • Caucus members supported the newly drafted section of the student handbook on fire drill procedure. Nothing in the policy was changed, but the student life committee re-worded the section to more accurately describe the searches conducted during fire drills.
  • The President’s Advisory Committee attended caucus in support of Sandy Pfeiffer’s presentation of effective communication methods that he gathered from the responses of Friday’s communication discussions. Ideas included having an online forum to discuss issues, offering a policy class on Wilson governance and having more community meetings. Students offered feedback and suggestions.
  • Brian O’Loughlin presented Sodexo’s proposal of gifts to the college for signing either a five-year or ten-year contract. The five-year contract would include construction of a coffee shop over the summer in the basement of Sunderland, changes in the meal plan to include flex dollars, investment in Cowpie Cafe, hiring a Sustainability Representative, commitment to local foods and other money to be used at the college’s discretion. The ten year plan would include aspects of the five-year plan, as well as the renovation of Gladfelter cafeteria to “scatter stations” with more variety and options.


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