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Campus sees multiple staff searches

Rachel Rudi, Copy Editor

Searches for more than three staff, faculty, and administrative positions are ongoing during the Spring of 2010.

ENS Chair

Professor Mark Brenner will become chairman of the Environmental Studies Department in fall of 2010. Lou Weber, current ENS chair, will step down from the position at the end of this school year, remaining as professor of biology and ENS. According to Paul Bartels, head of the search committee, although candidates were interviewed, the “search for a department chair was unsuccessful” and no new faculty was hired. Bartels told The Echo in February that the committee was “looking for someone who is a good facilitator, someone who can help build bridges with other departments and someone who can provide leadership as we decide to move forward.”


Theatre Professor Ron Bashford is leaving Warren Wilson at the end of this semester to take a job at his alma mater, Amherst College. The Theatre Department has organized a search committee to select a replacement. Co-Chair of the department Graham Paul, who is chairing the search committee, said, “we’re having candidates for the position come on campus this week. After the last candidate’s visit ends, we’ll meet to recommend one candidate to [Vice President of Academic Affairs] Paula Garrett.”

Dean of Student Life

The college community should have a chance to meet candidates for the dean of students position before the year is out. Current Dean of Students Cathy Kramer will become dean of service in July. The search committee for the new dean of students is chaired by Margo Flood, executive director of the Environmental Leadership Center. According to Flood, the college received over 130 applications for the position. “We are in the process now of engaging in telephone interviews with those we believe are most suitable,” Flood said. “We intend to bring finalists to campus before commencement so that the entire community may help to vet the candidates.”


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