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Question of the Week!

What is a lie you’ve told recently? I told my mom I wear sunscreen. Jenna Cruite I don’t lie….that’s my lie. Maddie Davis I told my boss I didn’t understand the work he was asking me to do because I was too lazy to do it and then I bumped off two hours early. Anonymous [...]

Kids on campus

Alex Morris, staff writer This week the children in question are the son and daughter of Stan Cross, the director of education at the “Environmental Leader Center Place.” Staff reporter Alex Morris interviewed Hollis and Sophia (respectively) while they dined in Gladfelter, and their parents Stan and Tara Shannon commented occasionally as well. Alex Morris:What [...]

Horoscopes (September 19- October 2)

Virgo (August 23- September 22) Someone will inform you that your tendency to blame others for your problems is a common personality trait in Virgos. Tell them their tendency to be a jerk is a common personality trait in assholes. Libra (September 23- October 23) While you’d never admit it to your friends, you can’t [...]

Sarah Palin: Beyond face value

Elizabeth Gunto, staff writer Lately, there has been a lot of media coverage of Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska and the running mate of Republican Presidential Candidate, John McCain. The public’s response has been quite dramatic, and McCain’s standing in the polls has jumped accordingly. While I think the coverage has gone way overboard, [...]

“Steal” Magnolias? No!

Joseph Villers, staff writer The basics: A section of former parkland (.18 acres containing a magnolia tree) was sold unlawfully on Nov. 21, 2006 by the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners as part of a routine consent agenda. The sale passed unanimously. The parkland which had been deeded “public forever” since 1901, by George W. [...]

Staff, faculty split on Forum politics

Miles Kovarik, staff writer Staff and faculty are having a bit of a problem coming together this semester. The trouble is that no faculty member is taking the position of co-convener to run Staff Forum meetings, in which staff and faculty discuss and vote on school policies. From the outside of this controversy, it may [...]

Student Caucus Update

Student Caucus has continued to build momentum over the course of the past few weeks. This Monday the 15th was the first Community Meeting of the year where the budget was discussed with John Ehrlich and Sandy Pfeiffer. This was an unprecedented event as the budget had never been discussed in such a forum. We [...]

Swannanoa festival seeks to highlight communitys rich history

Gabriel Sistare, staff writer Swannanoa will host the second annual “Mill Around the Village Festival” in the town’s historic downtown area, where Park Street meets the railroad tracks. The festival will take place on Sept. 27 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Last year, 1500 people attended the event, which featured live music, food, arts [...]

Into the great Amazon

Ricky Ochilo, staff writer Sitting still in a boat, their eyes wander to the crystal pureness of the water which carries them. In the distance ahead, lush forests and rich canopies rest gently on the Amazon floor. They gaze at the beauty which surrounds them; pristine hills and estuaries meander across the crisp tropical forest [...]

Work crew survey sheds light on student attitudes

Gabriel Sistare, staff writer Last spring, Warren Wilson College conducted two surveys focusing on the College’s work program. Supervisors were asked to complete the survey on March 28, and crew members were asked to complete the survey on April 11. The data compiled by Don Ray (Educational Assessment), which he displayed at a recent supervisor’s [...]

New year, new Sage

Elizabeth Gunto, staff writer For a long time, Sage Cafe has been the site for late night study sessions and poetry slams. With its cheap coffee and wonderfully greasy nachos, it has been the destination for many a tired and hungry Warren Wilson student. But in the last two years, it seems that Sage Cafe [...]

Toward energy efficiency

Ricky Ochilo, staff writer Recently, the Facilities Management and Technical Services (FMTS) Office at Warren Wilson College  has undertaken a project to analyze and study the changing energy costs of both residential houses and campus buildings. John Moon, a visiting professor from Cambian College in Sudberry, Ontario, Canada, is helping FMTS carry out the study. [...]

Alums’ company second in running for contest

Both of the founders of Honeywear Inc., Christen Ward and Kristin Keliher, attended Warren Wilson. After graduating, both had kids and chose to research, create, and market a new line of environmentally friendly baby carriers

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