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Question: PAC reports via email

Question: Thanks for setting up for this system and for the opportunity to ask questions. I often feel like I’m so focused on the day-to-day of my own job that it’s easy to lose track of what else is going on the at the College. Richard’s regular reports from the Admission and Advancement Office are great and make me feel very informed about what’s going on at Orr Cottage. Would it be possible for other PAC members to send out regular reports via email about what their divisions are doing? I think it would help staff and faculty feel less isolated in their own work and more connected to the College as a whole. (Submitted by Sharon Withrow)

Answer: Thanks for your question about deans and vice presidents sending regular written reports to the campus community. I shared your suggestion with the PAC at today’s meeting.

As part of this year’s change in Governance, the six policy committees chaired by the six PAC members will have minutes written for each meeting. Then these minutes will be posted on the Governance website for everyone on campus to read. The PAC believes this enhancement of campus communication will accomplish the objective you mention–i.e., to provide the campus community with essential information from the six divisions. As well, PAC members emphasized they will send additional messages to the community when there’s news of significance in their areas.

Finally, I’ll just add that the PAC is always ready and willing to give updates if called upon to do so at community meetings.



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