Strategic Imperative 1:
College Identity and Mission

Warren Wilson College will be distinguished by an innovative approach that intentionally integrates applied learning and academics within the liberal arts tradition. We are committed to providing an educational program that promotes curiosity, empathy, and integrity. We prepare graduates to engage in groundbreaking scholarship, pursue meaningful careers with professionalism, and lead purposeful lives dedicated to fostering a just, equitable, and sustainable world.

Strategic Imperative 2:
Academic Excellence

The academic programs of Warren Wilson College will challenge students to produce high-quality scholarship and creative work through intentionally scaffolded courses that lead to signature capstone experiences. This education will integrate intellectual foundations with applied skill development and problem-solving that will prepare students for purposeful careers, graduate work, and effective community engagement.

Strategic Imperative 3:
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The College is unwavering in our commitment to the dignity of all people – particularly those populations who have been both historically oppressed and continue to experience systemic oppression. While we value the breadth of diversity necessary for a rich campus culture, we also recognize the particular challenge and opportunity for growth and leadership around race, noting that such a focus necessarily intersects with deepening efforts around other aspects of identity (such as ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexuality, class, and worldview). We are committed to a culture of educational access and ensuring that students and employees from a diverse range of identities and experiences will thrive in this community.

Strategic Imperative 4:
Land and Environmental Sustainability

Warren Wilson College will be a living laboratory for innovative land management and practices for moving toward carbon neutrality and zero waste production. Our campus provides an immersive context for application and development of professional skills and community leadership in sustainability, integrated throughout the educational programs.

4.a. Land Stewardship

Warren Wilson College lands will become a regional model for integrative land stewardship based on innovation, conservation, and outreach by providing our students with a systems-based approach to land management. We will collaborate to exchange sustainable management practices and to build an example of a resilient and productive working landscape.

4.b. Just and Sustainable Practices

By adhering to rigorous, holistic standards for campus sustainability, through inclusive decision-making, and in partnership with businesses, nonprofits, and governments, Warren Wilson College will continually address the effects of climate change and other societal problems. We will pursue exemplary sustainability practices throughout our educational model, business practices, food systems, and the built campus, thus preparing students to create just, sustainable communities.

Strategic Imperative 5:
Co-Curricular Programs

To enhance a student’s sense of belonging, enjoyment, purpose, social, and individual development, Warren Wilson College will provide thriving athletic, outdoor, artistic, and cultural experiences and organizations. We will cultivate a healthy community and personal well-being through integrating co-curricular programming and collaborating across campus.

Strategic Imperative 6:
Foundation for Growth

In order to realize the goals of the 2022 strategic plan, Warren Wilson College will grow enrollment, increase fundraising, and develop other sources of revenue by building a solid infrastructure of people, places, and processes with a focus on the well-being of individuals in our community.