Plans for Academic Year 2021-2022

Last updated March 18, 2021

Warren Wilson College plans to return to being a residential college in August 2021. We have compiled this document, organized by department, to answer as many details as possible. We will continue to update it as protocols evolve.

Academic Affairs/Applied Learning

  • Will there be an online-only option in the Fall?

    No. While we will likely see more virtual learning opportunities within individual classes than before the pandemic, we will not offer every course as a choice between full online, hybrid/flexible, and in person. We are planning to resume our model as a residential learning community. It is possible that some courses next academic year may have online components based on sound learning goals and outcomes. There may also be a small number of on-line course offerings approved on a case-by-case basis. In general, we expect and anticipate that almost all courses will have significant (weekly) in-person components. The same is true for work crews. We also anticipate a return to primarily in-person community engagement next fall.

Student Life

  • Will there be continued mask and physical distancing requirements?

    The well-being of our community is our first priority. Details such as classroom physical distancing, dining hall capacity, events, off-campus guest policy, and outside groups on campus are being worked out and may shift as circumstances change. Policies will be evaluated closer to the start of the Fall semester. We will continue to follow all state and county health guidelines.

Residence Life

  • What is the plan for summer housing?

    Summer Housing availability will be returning to normal this summer, but with limited capacity.

  • How will housing work in the Fall?

    For the Fall, the housing residency requirements will be returning to normal and students are expected to return to campus unless they meet the existing policy for living off campus. Students are expected to attend our General Housing Selection Process (virtually occurring the last week of April).

  • Will there be single rooms available this Fall?

    If a student wishes to request a single, they should attend their General Housing Selection appointment to make that request with a Housing staff member. The student will then be added to a single room waitlist. After assessing how many spaces are available for singles, we will contact you to let you know if we can offer any additional singles (this contact will be made at the beginning of summer). Your first choice residence halls are not guaranteed.

  • Can I live off-campus?

    Full-time undergraduate students (12 hours per semester) at Warren Wilson College (WWC) are expected to live in community with each other through the first 90 credits of their academic program or until age 22 (whichever comes first). Students are guaranteed housing on-campus during this time. Students will be approved to move off campus before completing 90 credits or turning 22 years old, only when one of the following is true for the student:

    • Living with parents or guardians in the area
    • Living with spouse or domestic partner prior to enrollment 
    • Living with a dependent child 
    • Financially independent as determined by the IRS
  • How will Financial Aid be impacted if I decide to live off-campus?

    If your financial aid is based on residential full-time status, when you choose to be enrolled part-time or live off-campus, your financial aid will be reduced. Contact Financial Aid to discuss.

Financial Aid

Student Accounts and Finances

  • Can I be a part-time student next semester?

    You can be a part-time student and the tuition rate is $1,563 per credit hour. You are not allowed to live on campus if you are part-time. Please reach out to Financial Aid if you plan to go part-time, as it may affect your financial aid. If you go below 12 hours (full time), your financial aid will be reduced.

  • When is payment due for the Fall semester?

    Payment is due July 1 for new students and July 15 for returning students. Payment must be made in full for the Fall Semester, or an approved external loan or Nelnet monthly payment plan must be in place by the due date. Students will not be allowed to check in to dorms or begin courses with an outstanding balance.

  • If I withdraw after the semester begins, will I receive a refund for tuition, room and board?

    Students are obligated to pay WWC for the full cost of tuition for the academic year under all circumstances unless a student withdraws from WWC in accordance with WWC’s policies regarding Institutional Withdrawal, Medical Withdrawal, and Administrative Withdrawal, which may be found in Sections 4 and 9 of the Student Handbook 2021-2022. In the event a Student withdraws, a refund of any tuition, room and board and applicable fees will be provided in accordance with the existing Refund Policy which will be in effect for each semester.

    • 100% refund if withdrawal is before the first day of classes
    •  After first day of classes but before the end of week seven, tuition, room and board* charges will be refunded as follows:
      • 90% refund if withdrawal is before the end of the first week of classes
      • 80% refund if withdrawal is before the end of week 2
      • 70% refund if withdrawal is before the end of week 3
      • 60% refund if withdrawal is before the end of week 4
      • 50% refund if withdrawal is before the end of week 5
      • 40% refund if withdrawal is before the end of week 6
      • 30% refund if withdrawal is before the end of week 7
      • No refund if withdrawal is after the end of week 7

    *The withdrawal date for refund purposes is the date the student is officially checked out of student housing or the last day of attendance, whichever is later.

    Except as provided above, payments for tuition are non-refundable.  

    Please contact Student Accounts with any questions: Ogg, 2nd Floor | 828-771-2062 | | Schedule An Appointment