Scholarships Matter.

Support scholarships at WWC and help the best-fit students, regardless of financial circumstances, earn this exceptional education. Your gift supports success-bound students graduate with less debt while decreasing the College’s need to direct operational funds to student aid.

We know that students who receive scholarships are more likely to graduate from college and that a college degree is the foundation for a successful life. Donors have established more than 100 named scholarships at Warren Wilson College.

Nearly 75 percent of Warren Wilson College students receive some form of need-based financial aid. Since its earliest Farm School days in the late 1800s, this institution has been committed to giving eager-to-learn students the chance to receive a well-rounded education regardless of family financial circumstances.

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Thanks to Our Donors

“Scholarships are about making a promise to create and sustain accessible pathways of opportunity for students like me and my fellow scholarship recipients. Scholarships make the commitment to honor and include the people who never saw a way into their dreams and who are dedicated to work long and hard for their own fulfillment and flourishing, that of others, and the institution which supports them.”

Michelle Beers ’17 from her speech at the Scholarship Luncheon in April 2017