Terra Flannagan-Walker '26

Terra Flannagan-Walker ’26 wants to encourage and inspire others through her craft. From writing and performing music to making video games, this self-taught creative is well on her way to doing just that. As a student at Warren Wilson College her passions shine through in her studies, work, extracurriculars, and personal projects.

Terra initially had a hard time breaking out of her shell, but when she arrived on campus she quickly grew comfortable in expressing herself. She attributes this blooming to her peers and the resources available to her as a student. Now in her second year she has joined the Tune Writing Ensemble, works as a cashier at Cowpie Cafe, and has attended a plethora of events held on campus.

As a one person team, Terra is currently working on two separate video game passion projects: one an expansion on the popular platformer Celeste, the other an open world game. For the past 7 months she has been working on levels and music tracks that expand on Celeste with a focus on mental health and grief. The open world game is still in the storyboarding phase of development.

A large piece of Terra’s heart belongs to nature. As a person who grew up in an urban environment, the ability to sit in a forest and take in all of the natural sounds means so much to her. So much so that when she was tasked with creating a musical project about herself, she dedicated a large portion to sounds of nature. This has led her to soon declare her major in Sustainable Agriculture and to minor in Music.

You can find Terra’s music on SoundCloud here!

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Sustainable Agriculture
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Cowpie Café, Sound Lab