There are many features common to all our residence halls. Each residence hall has its own laundry facility (with free laundry), a full kitchen, and a furnished common area. Given the mountain location, air-conditioning is usually not necessary (but bring a fan), and all rooms have heat and opening windows.

Each room has access to WIFI (allowing you to connect to the campus network for high-speed internet access). Cell service varies, with coverage being best with Verizon, T-Mobile, and US Cellular — all have LTE/4G data through most of campus.

Most rooms have two beds with single 37″ x 80″ mattresses (bring XL twin sheets). Each room typically has two dressers, two closets or wardrobes, and two desks. All windows are equipped with blinds. All rooms have sufficient lighting, but a study lamp for your desk might be a good idea.

First Year Housing

ANTC and Sutton

Located in a beautiful wooded grove, ANTC and Sutton are adjacent to the DeVries athletic building and are a quick walk away from just about everything on campus. These buildings are mirror images of one another and offer the same amenities, including a full kitchen, communal bathrooms, a bike room, and a laundry room. Both ANTC and Sutton have a deck for students to enjoy the scenery.

  • All first-year students
  • All-gender housing
  • 12′ by 16′ room size
  • Furniture: twin beds, desks, desk chairs, and built-in wardrobes
  • Shared kitchen and communal bathrooms
  • See photos of ANTC and Sutton


Sunderland is located in the heart of the central campus on a hill overlooking the main classroom facilities, the library, and Gladfelter Dining Hall. Warren Wilson’s largest residence hall, it is a historic, three-story, air-conditioned brick building and is the closest of all the student residence halls to central WWC facilities.

  • 134 students
  • All first-year students
  • All-gender housing
  • 10′ by 15′ room size
  • Furniture provided: twin beds, desks, desk chairs, wardrobes
  • Shared kitchen and communal bathrooms
  • See photos of Sunderland


Owls Nest Cafe

Owl's Nest 

Located in Sunderland, the Owl’s Nest is a full service café offering a wide variety of drinks and snacks. Your Flex Dollars can be used at the Owl’s Nest for your morning pick-me-up or afternoon snack.

Upper Classmen Housing

Each spring, continuing students participate in Housing Selection to confirm their housing assignment for the following academic year. Because Warren Wilson has 16 different residence halls, upper-classmen have a variety of options, including:

Themed Living


The Alliance community (currently housed in Dorland) offers housing for students who identify as LGBTQIA and their allies. Programming in this community may be themed around supporting LGBTQIA students, such as pride rallies in Asheville, and Tranzmission service projects.


EcoDorm has garnered national attention for its eco-friendly design and platinum LEED certification. EcoDorm is a great option for students who are seeking to minimize their environmental impact. EcoDorm offers shared rooms, communal bathrooms, a vegetable garden, two lounges, two kitchens, and laundry facilities. Residents often take advantage of the garden and kitchens to cook and share potluck meals together. EcoDorm also features a co-op community on one of it’s floors.


Designated as the Warren Wilson College Wellness residence hall because of its substance-free living agreement, Wellness is equipped with a full kitchen, a lounge, a bike room, and a laundry room. Wellness is located in the scenic Ballfields courtyard and is in close proximity to the Devries athletic facility.

Suite-Style Living


The Villages are a great option for students seeking a more independent living option with the convenience of on-campus living. There are two buildings in the Villages (Village A and Village B), with a courtyard between them. These buildings are located on the east side of central campus, near the art buildings and Kittredge Theater. Both buildings are arranged in apartment-style suites with a kitchen, bathroom, and common area. Each suite houses 4-6 students.

  • 4-person suites with, kitchen, living area, and semi-private bathrooms (4 private rooms)
  • 4-person suites with, kitchen, living area, and  semi-private bathrooms (1 double room; 2 private rooms)
  • 6-person suites with, kitchen, living area, and  semi-private bathrooms (2 double rooms; 2 private rooms)
  • See photos of The Villages


There are three buildings in the Schafer complex. Schafers A, B, and C are located around a central lawn with covered porches connecting them. All three buildings include 4 suites, central kitchens and common areas. Within each suite are 4 double rooms, a small common area, and a bathroom. Located in the Sage Circle area, the Schafers are near Devries Athletic Facility and just a quick walk to academic buildings and the Gladfelter Dining Hall.


Traditional Communities


Stephenson- Single gender identity, female (gender-specific bathrooms)


  • Single gender identity, male (gender-specific bathrooms)