Living and Learning Community

Every student at Warren Wilson should have the community and support that they need to thrive. Students dedicated to advocacy for African, Latiné, Indigenous, & Asian descent (ALIA) communities can grow in their advocacy and leadership in the Engage living and learning community in Sutton dorm. If you join Engage, you will work to support and make a difference for ALIA communities on campus, in the greater Asheville area, and in their communities at home.

Through Engage, you’ll develop your leadership skills by collaborating with various community organizations both on and off campus. Engage students are active members of student government, racial identity affinity groups (such as the Black Student Union and the Indigenous Student Association), and the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. They have also worked off campus to learn and collaborate with students from other institutions. 

You will work together with other leaders to develop Engage initiatives on campus. Four Peer Advisors and a Resident Assistant will support you into your life on campus and help you achieve your goals. 

Engage holds many events every year, which have included presentations, teach-ins, weekly study sessions, meals, workshops, and even gatherings for the entire campus community. 

Engage Students in front of a stone statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Learning Retreats

Students in Engage travel to different areas of the country for Black History Month every year. For a recent trip, students went to Washington, DC, where they toured monuments and museums relevant to key social justice figures, history, and events.