About the Student Health Center

The Student Health Center is staffed by one full-time registered nurse, one part-time registered nurse, and the Health Center Crew. Medical direction is provided by a licensed MD.

There is no fee for current students to visit the Health Center.

Services We Offer:

  • Basic healthcare for sickness and injury
  • Referrals, if needed, to other medical practitioners
  • Over-the-counter medications and some prescriptions
  • Health Education
  • Contraceptives such as condoms, dental dams, and emergency contraception (Plan B)
  • STI testing (fee based)
  • Transportation to local doctors

We also usually host a flu vaccine clinic in the Fall.

Health Insurance

Warren Wilson students are required to have health insurance.

Review Our Health Insurance Coverage

Wellfleet Student Health Insurance – Benefits at a Glance 2022-2023

Insurance Waiver Instructions

If you already have health insurance, you may waive the health insurance provided to you.  Instructions for waiving student insurance and removing the charge from your bill vary slightly from year to year and are available as part of the new student onboarding (or are emailed directly to returning students).


As a student at Warren Wilson, you will have 24/7 access to Medical and Mental Health resources through TimelyMD.

TimelyMD offers 4 different services:

  • Medical: Consult with a medical provider. These providers are able to prescribe you medicines for common illnesses
  • TalkNow: Speak with a mental health provider.
  • Scheduled Counseling: Schedule up to 12 free counseling sessions per year.
  • Health Coaching: Speak with a Nutritionist about healthy eating, exercise, stress management, and a range of other areas with a holistic wellness perspective.

Working with students on my Student Health Crew has been a wonderful and inspiring experience. So many of them want to continue on to careers in the health profession, and we provide them with the foundation and guidance they need to pursue those dreams. It is a privilege to write my crew members letters of recommendation for nursing and medical programs.

Pat Parker, Health Center Nurse Manager

Emergency & After Hours Care

To report an emergency from any phone, dial: 911

Our Health Center is available for treatment of many medical concerns. However, our Health Center is not staffed or equipped to provide emergency treatment. If you, or someone around you, is experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911, and get appropriate treatment at a local emergency room.

Local Emergency Room

Mission Hospital

509 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC
Phone: (828) 213-1111

Students with Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance will only be seen at Mission Hospital for life-threatening emergencies. Urgent Care should be sought for non-emergency needs. Students on the health insurance provided by Warren Wilson can be seen at Mission Hospital for non-emergency situations though we recommend urgent care.

Local Urgent Care Facility

Sona Pharmacy and Clinic

805 Fairview Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803
Pharmacy: (828) 298-3636
Clinic: (828) 552-3999

Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 8 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 6 PM
Sunday: 11 AM – 6 PM

Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 7 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM
Sunday: 11 AM – 5 PM

Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care

272 Tunnel Road
Asheville, NC 28816
Phone: (828) 210-2121

Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 5:30 PM
Sat-Sun: 10 AM – 4 PM

After Hours Resources

If you are experiencing medical or psychological difficulties outside our office hours, and don’t think you should wait for assistance, you may go directly to an urgent care facility or hospital emergency room.