Academic Preparation

Nearly 20% of students applying to Warren Wilson intend to pursue a career in the health fields. In particular, our students express interest in:

  • medical school
  • pharmacy school
  • optometry school
  • dental school
  • physician assistant studies programs
  • physical therapy programs

Our nationally-recognized natural sciences curriculum prepares you for the rigors of the next step.

All natural science majors complete original research, and our small general science courses give you the support you need to achieve your academic goals.

Small Class Sizes (Even in the Sciences)

Consider our general biology sequence. The lecture component of the course is taught by a faculty member with a terminal degree (no TA’s here), and the course consists of approximately 25 students. These students then meet in the lab, taught by the same faculty member to ensure quality and curricular cohesion. Peer-to-peer tutoring is provided to further ensure academic success.

This commitment to small class sizes, access to faculty, and academic support extends throughout your pre-health requirements.

So when the times comes for a letter of reference, you’ll have long-standing and close relationships with faculty who can speak directly to your strengths and research accomplishments.

Distinguishing Your Application

Our professors will push you and your classmates will inspire you. But everything you’re studying will come into play and take on real meaning through your work crew involvement and community service engagement.

These experiences, which you will carefully select in partnership with your advisor, will enhance your graduate school application. You’ll apply to the health program of your choice with not only a strong GPA but real-life experiences that distinguish your application.

Your application could highlight:

  • your recent publication completed in partnership with your faculty advisor, highlighting the quality of your research experience;
  • your service experience through our Community Engagement Program at Mission Hospital, assisting nurses with patient intake while developing your ability to work with patients in need;
  • work experience on our Local Foods Crew, where you educate our community about the importance of health and nutrition, advocate for progressive health policies, and share local food with your fellow students.

Our health professions need curiously insightful, capable, and experienced individuals.

We’re here to help you be one.

Engaged Learning

Warren Wilson pre-med students are passionate about health issues, and we engage that passion inside and outside the classroom. It’s why we bring speakers like Alum Dr. Jack Allison ’63 to campus. Dr. Allison, a retired emergency medicine physician with extensive clinical and academic credentials, shared his experiences in health care, and his tips for preparing a successful application to a health profession graduate school. He served in several countries in emergency physician and public health capacities, including the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, where he treated hundreds of quake victims.

Guest lectures are one of the ways we’ll deepen your understanding and engage your interests from day one.

Meet Our Faculty

Warren Wilson students are the most engaged and curious students I have ever had the privilege of teaching. I feel so fortunate to work with students who challenge me to learn and grow every day.

Kim Borges, Ph.D.
Kim Borges, Ph.D.
Professor Jeff Holmes meeting with student
A Reference for Life

Helping You on Your Way

Applying to highly competitive graduate programs requires strong letters of recommendation. By the time you graduate from Warren Wilson, you will have a team of faculty who are able to speak about your talents and serve as a reference. Alumnus Maureen McKenna ’05 puts it this way: “What I most valued about Warren Wilson was the deep care and concern of faculty members for their students. I built strong mentorship-style relationships with several faculty that continue to this day. Those relationships deeply informed my decision to go to graduate school, and continue to inform my career decisions. I have continued to feel supported by Warren Wilson faculty and connected to them in my post-college life and career. They were never too busy to write a recommendation or reference for me, offer advice, or simply connect.”