A Location for Craft

Our location near Asheville, a city with enormous creative and artistic energy, has led to an integration of craft throughout the Warren Wilson experience. Through our partnership with Asheville’s Center for Craft Creativity & Design (CCCD), you will have opportunities to engage with some of the country’s craft leaders, deepening your own knowledge and experience. And many of our craft students develop their sense of entrepreneurship by selling their work in downtown Asheville, a hotbed of creative craftspeople.

But don’t underestimate the impact of our campus on your craft. Our Fiber Arts Crew cultivates a dye garden on campus and uses wool from the sheep to make yarn. Our Forestry Crew partners with our Blacksmith Crew to provide charcoal sustainably created from our 600-acre forest. And forged work from our Blacksmith Crew often highlights the natural beauty of campus.

Craft Crews

You’ll take advantage of our rich location, both on and off campus, to study and create craft in a purposeful, directed way. Coursework will be enhanced through your work on one of our Craft Crews:

Explore Classes in This Program

ART 159

Printmaking on Fabric

This course is an introductory survey of the printmaking processes of relief, intaglio, and silkscreen printing. You’ll learn the skills needed to create printable surfaces, discuss aesthetic considerations, and learn the
cultural and historical use of printmaking on fabric.

ART 104

Introduction to Handbuilding

The focus of this studio course is on sculptural and vessel concepts using hand-building techniques, emphasizing the development of construction skills and an understanding of form, surface, and firing possibilities.

ART 208

Papermaking II

This studio course emphasizes gaining control over formation, surface, weight, color, and consistency of batches. You’ll also explore advanced processes, including hand beating, watermarks, shaped deckles, and lamination.

Meet Our Faculty

I particularly love teaching at Warren Wilson with its unique blend of rigor, respect and encouragement and our students who value their opportunity to be a part of our community.

Leah Leitson, MFA
Leah Leitson
Leah Leitson, MFA
Fieldwork Profile

Craft Talk

In 2013, Warren Wilson College was awarded a three-year grant from the Windgate Foundation in support of the continued renaissance of craft on campus. Through the Windgate grant the craft-oriented work crews, including blacksmithing and fiber arts, have hosted a number of talented visiting artists. Working together, the crews and artists have designed, built and installed artworks on campus.

We also launched a Craft Talk Series, where regional artists shared their inspirations, techniques and lessons learned as professional makers and business owners. The Craft Talk Series provides the campus with an opportunity to interact with local makers. The Series emphasizes the presenter’s body of work, where they studied and worked, and the entrepreneurial lessons they have learned as a small business owner.

(Photo: work by Jess Self ’14)