My Story

My interests focus on applying computational chemistry techniques to advance the understanding and design of functional materials used in the windmill, solar cell, fuel cell, hydrogen generation, waste heat recovery, and digital devices. I collaborate closely with chemists, physicists and material scientists who are performing synthesis, characterization and device fabrication. Besides that, I am interested in integrating computational chemistry into the undergraduate chemistry curriculum. So students can visualize the chemical processes at the atomic level. Teaching at Warren Wilson, I love the small class sizes and the engagement of students in learning, work, and community service.


  • B.S. in Applied Chemistry, Shandong University
  • M.S. in Physical Chemistry, Shandong University
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, North Carolina State University

Research Interests

  • Renewable energy (solar cell, fuel cell, hydrogen evolution, thermoelectrics)
  • Magnetic materials for data storage and retrieve
  • Computational Chemistry (density functional theory, machine learning )

Courses Taught

  • CHM 1130: Principles of Chemistry
  • CHM 1160: General Chemistry I
  • CHM 1170: General Chemistry II

Crews and Other Activities

  • Member of ACS and MRS
  • Reviewer for the journal: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Contact Dr. Zhang

(828) 771-3786
Witherspoon 204