My Story

From early on, you could say I had the makings of a librarian. I loved asking questions and collecting information from different places in order to make sense of my environment. However, I did not consider librarianship a viable career path until after I graduated from Amherst. Only after I was in the field did I understand the reason for this was because I rarely encountered a librarian who looked like me or who would understood my background. Ultimately motivated by this fact, my circuitous path to librarianship led me repeatedly to roles where my goal was to help others articulate their own questions and give them the tools needed to better navigate their worlds. That I can do just that for our Warren Wilson students now through my role as a teaching librarian is in a word, bananas.


  • Bachelor of Arts, English, Amherst College
  • Master of Science, Information Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Interests

  • Library pedagogy
  • Digital pedagogy
  • Critical information literacy

Courses Taught

Crews and Other Activities

ALA Spectrum Scholar Jury Committee Member

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(828) 771-3054
Pew Learning Center and Ellison Library