My Story

My mother tells me she knew I would be a biologist from the moment I could crawl around in the grass and pick apart dandelions. It’s true that I always had an affinity for nature, but I myself was pulled in many directions — biology, languages, mathematics, music — and it took me a while to settle into a vision of myself as scientist. But biology became my focus and passion, especially wandering in the woods among the plants that have become long-time friends, or exploring the rainforest or desert and the fascinating ecological interactions found there. Most of all, I love sharing these wonders, and the questions they raise, with my students and helping them become explorers of the natural world—or to nurture the inherent explorer-self we are all born to be.

Amy Boyd


  • B.A. in Biology, Earlham College
  • M.S. in Environmental Studies, Antioch University New England
  • Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona

Research Interests

  • Pollination biology and ecology
  • Population dynamics of an endangered cactus species
  • Floristics of the Blue Ridge mountains

Courses Taught

  • BIO 4020: Evolutionary Biology
  • BIO 4400: Plant Taxonomy
  • BIO 3780: Costa Rica: Tropical Ecology and Conservation

Crews and Other Activities

  • Herbarium Assistant Crew Supervisor
  • Member of Warren Wilson's champion spelling bee team, the Diadasias

Contact Dr. Boyd

(828) 771-2018
Morse 204
WWC CPO 6074

PO Box 9000

Asheville, NC 28815-9000
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