Giving in Action

The best way to make an immediate impact on Warren Wilson College is to give each year to the WWC Fund – our annual fund that supports each of the college’s operational divisions including Academics, Community Engagement, Work Program, WWC Scholarships, Student Affairs, Admissions, Advancement, Administration & Finance, and General Operations. You can identify specific ways you’d like to direct your gift within the WWC Fund to support what you care about most.

  • WWC Fund- Area of Greatest Need

    Warren Wilson is committed to providing an exceptional, community-centered education focusing on applied learning through work and community engagement. With a gift to the WWC Fund, you are helping to support our mission to educate the bold, ethical, entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow so they can usher in a better world for all.

  • WWC Fund- Academics

    Warren Wilson College offers a top-tier education. Support of academics through the WWC Fund provides equipment for the classroom and research opportunities for students and faculty.

  • WWC Fund- Athletics

    Warren Wilson has a variety of high-performance sports teams. With a gift to athletics through the WWC Fund, you help provide teams with the proper equipment to keep our students safe and help them travel to competitions and represent the Owls!

  • WWC Fund- Community Engagement

    In a singular academic year, Warren Wilson students contribute more than 50,000 hours working in the community. With a gift to community engagement through the WWC Fund, you are helping students make a deep impact in the broader community.

  • WWC Fund- Farm

    Our award-winning, 300-acre farm provides unique learning experiences for our students and teaches sustainable farming practices. Your gift to the Farm through the WWC Fund provides everything from food for the livestock to equipment for the crew.

  • WWC Fund- International Scholarships

    We currently have international students from countries like Portugal, the Czech Republic, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, and Japan. Supporting international scholarships through the WWC Fund helps attract and recruit students from various parts of the world, helping to promote cultural diversity on campus.

  • WWC Fund- Library

    The library offers both a quiet space to study and volumes of resources so our students can conduct compelling academic research. A gift to the library through the WWC Fund helps support student success.

  • WWC Fund- Scholarships

    Student scholarships enhance the average student’s potential to graduate by 33.6 percent and increase access to this unique education. With a gift to scholarships through the WWC Fund, you are helping the College continue to attract future game changers.

  • WWC Fund- Sustainability

    Addressing one of the world’s most pressing problems, climate change requires developing scientific research and responsible investments. Your gift to our sustainability efforts through the WWC Fund helps support initiatives like our Mobile Microgrid and EcoDorm.

  • WWC Fund- Work Program

    Warren Wilson College is one of eight federally-recognized work colleges in the nation. With a gift to the work program through the WWC Fund, you are helping students learn important work skills that they can apply to their academics and future careers.

I am grateful to the numerous donors who give to WWC. Because of their generosity, I am able to attend WWC and focus on my future.

Munashe Matumbi ’27