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Activist Si Kahn Performs in Sage Café

Bluegrass singer/songwriter Si Kahn performed in Sage Café Oct. 2

Making it Artsy on Fridays

ARTSFriday to Debut October 11 in the ‘Fine Arts Triangle’

“Expediting Michelangelo’s 400,000 Chisels”

A New State of the Art 3D Printer on Campus

Preston House Showcases Musical Talent of Wilson Students, Past and Present, in Tomorrow Night’s Folk Show

by William Kissane, staff writer

New Perspectives to the Stage

Theatre department puts on two unique plays this fall relating to the season’s theme of bias

Fine Art

Warren Wilson Art Department Receives $2 Million Grant from Windgate Foundation

Asheville BookWorks Inaugurates Broadside & Reading Series: Vandercooked Poetry Nights

Warren Wilson Circus


Closet Artist Elias Hinderberger

Warren Wilson Awarded Major Grant to Expand Material Arts Program

“The Theatre Is Burning”

Sam Stewart puts on one-woman show

Trashy Beauty

A Reflection on the Recycled Art Show

Paint It Gold: 2013 Circus Preview

Appalachia by Way of the Midwest

Senior Wes Tirey produces his own EP, I Stood Among the Trees

Wilson Alumnae Take First Feature on Tour, Screening on Campus

Mining Your Own Business

Closet Artist: Dan Ellis

Warren Wilson Drag Show

photos by Jackson Bicknell, staff writer

‘This is Not Furniture’: The First Senior Art Show

by Sam Rivkin, copyeditor

Facing Your Genes

The Beauty of Ambiguity

Eric Baden’s Latest Exhibition at Holden Art Gallery “InBetween” Blurs the Lines between Reality, Memory and Imagination in a Moving Display of Ambiguity

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