Scholarships: Rewarding Your Achievements

Academics, work, service – these three strands are woven throughout the Warren Wilson experience, and a value of social and environmental justice defines much of the campus community. The philosophy of our scholarship program is to recognize achievement in one or more of these areas.

Warren Wilson does not require a separate application for scholarship consideration except for the Milepost One full-tuition scholarship. All applicants are reviewed for scholarships at the time of acceptance. You will be notified in your acceptance letter of any scholarships you’ve been awarded.

MILEPOST ONE: Full-Tuition

Milepost One is also a full-tuition scholarship program for students eager to get on the road to a Warren Wilson degree but concerned about making it financially possible.

Warren Wilson awards up to 25 full-tuition Milepost One scholarships per year to students with total family income levels equal to or below $125,000 per year. This means that even families who may not be eligible for federal or state need-based grants still have an opportunity to earn a full tuition scholarship.

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ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS: $7,000-17,000 per year

Our academic scholarships include the Trustee, Presidential, Dean’s, and Opportunity scholarships.  Based exclusively on academic performance, including research projects and rigor of curriculum, our academic scholarships celebrate the academic accomplishments of our students. As a test-optional institution, test scores are never used to determine scholarship awards.


The Woodbury Foundation was established in 1990 by Mrs. Woodbury (Christiana) Ransom, a long-time friend of Warren Wilson College. Following her death in 2001, the Foundation established the Woodbury Scholarship fund at the College in 2003. The scholarship is based on merit or need, and recipients are nominated by their admissions counselor and chosen annually by a special committee.


Awarded to those students who best represent the mission of the college through their overall high school performance and notable achievements. The most prestigious of our scholarships, students must demonstrate exceptional academic ability, leadership qualities, and commitment to Warren Wilson College values to be eligible.


Awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership capacity or commitment to their community, including involvement in some form of volunteer activity. Students may also be considered who have excelled in extra-curricular activities, including athletic teams, student governance, gap-year programs, semester schools, Outward Bound and more.


Awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in both awareness and action towards a healthier planet.