Steps to Orientation

Congratulations again on your acceptance to Warren Wilson College. Your admission is a reflection of your hard work and shared values. We’re excited to work with you on the next steps.

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Move-in Day is Thursday, January 12, 2023.

Below you will find the necessary steps to complete your WWC Enrollment. Click an item to view detailed instructions. Items that aren’t linked are coming soon! Failure to complete items by their deadlines may impact your ability to move onto campus.

At a Glance

Click an item to jump down to detailed instructions. More items will be added as we progress toward Orientation, so check back often!


As Soon As Possible

Complete within one week of depositing, no later than December 12th

Financial Aid & Billing

Getting Enrolled

Preparing for Registration

Before You Arrive – Final Steps

There’s more to come – check back (and check your email) often!

All the Details

  1. Newly Admitted?

    If you’ve been accepted to Warren Wilson and are ready to commit, please pay your $300 enrollment deposit online now. Your deposit is nonrefundable and will go straight to your first semester’s bill. Note that you will need to have or setup your WWC Admissions Portal login. Can’t get your login to work? Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help.

    Once you’ve logged in, fill out the Offer of Admission Reply Form (if you haven’t already). After that, you will see a new item on your Application Status Page that says, “Enrollment Deposit – Submit Payment for 307.80 USD,” which is where you can pay online with a credit card. (The additional $7.80 is a 2.6% processing fee for credit card payments.)

    ​​​​​​​You can also send a check in the mail made payable to: Warren Wilson College. Send it to:

    Office of Admission
    PO Box 9000
    Asheville, NC 28815-9000

    Please put the student’s name on the memo section of the check. You’ll receive a confirmation email when we receive it.

  2. Complete Your Financial Aid

    Complete the FAFSA, and (if applicable) verification process and/or North Carolina residency determination.

    • If you have not completed the FAFSA, you will only be eligible for merit-based scholarships.  If you would like to apply for need-based aid, including federal, state, and institutional aid, then you must complete a FAFSA.
    • If you are selected for FAFSA verification, you must complete that process before you receive a final financial aid offer.  Note the verification process can can take weeks — don’t procrastinate!
    • North Carolina residents must complete and be approved for NC residency on the state NC Residency Determination Service (RDS) website before being eligible for NC need-based aid and the Warren Wilson College NC Free Tuition program.
    • If you’re accepting your students loans, you must complete all loan paperwork before funds can be disbursed.
    • For help, contact the Financial Aid Office (phone or text) (828) 771-2082 or email

  3. Review FERPA(Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and Complete Permission Form

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law that pertains to the release of and access to student educational records. The law, which seeks to protect the rights of students and to ensure the privacy and accuracy of education records, applies to all schools that receive funds under applicable programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education. You can learn more about it here.

    FERPA restricts the ability of WWC from releasing student information (including financial and academic records) to anyone, including a parent, guardian, or family member who hasn’t been authorized by the student.  This means that a student must authorize their parent or family member to view their student account, grade reports, or to speak with college personnel about non-medical issues relating to their attendance at Warren Wilson.

    Review FERPA and complete permission form.

  4. Accept Your Financial Aid Offer in NetPartner

    If you haven’t already done so, log in to your Net Partner account to accept your financial aid offer and view any pending requirements needed to finalize your financial aid.

    Your financial aid cannot be applied to your student account bill until you accept OR decline each of your offer(s) listed and complete all paperwork. Please log in to Net Partner for more details. You can find more information about NetPartner and how to login here.

  5. Setup Your WWC Login Credentials and Email

    Once we have processed your deposit, your new network and email accounts are created within 24 hours. When your account is created, your WWC username and temporary password are emailed to you (if not, get in touch). This is a different username and password from the one you use for the applicant portal!

    New students who deferred from a previous term may have already completed some or all of these steps.  If you’re confused or having trouble, we can help – email us at

    Set your password & account recovery options

    • Step 1: Change your password to something of your choosing!
      Remember, this should be at least 10 characters long and not easy to guess. Choose wisely as it affects how you sign into most systems at Warren Wilson.
    • Step 2: Wait about 5 minutes for your new password to get set throughout the WWC system, then set your personal phone/email so you can easily recover your account if you forget your password.

    Setup your WWC Email

    • Go to (or you can just go to Gmail).
      Your username for email and Google resources is the same as your email address, for example:
    • If you see a ‘Sign in’ screen here asking you to enter an email address to login, then continue to the next step.  If you’re already signed in to Google with a personal email, then sign out.  Note: If you’re using Chrome and want to access multiple Google accounts at once, you can add a new profile. Search “Add a person to Chrome” to find out more.
    • Use your full email address (your user and your new permanent password (the one you setup in the steps above) to sign in.
    • Check your email regularly.

    If you are having problems, or if you have not received your login credentials, then please email

  6. Complete the Housing Application

    Select your Residency

    The majority of our students live on campus. Participating in the residential community on campus, while also working on campus, is a critical component to a WWC education. Students who live on campus have been shown to be more engaged in campus life, therefore contributing positively to their experience in college, identity development, and in most cases achieving higher GPAs.

    There are a few situations in which we allow new students to live off campus and commute to classes – these exemptions and policy details are available in the application linked below. Day Students do not have to pay Room & Board but are assessed a $500 fee per semester and billed per meal in campus dining facilities and/or may purchase flex dollars.

    Select a Meal Plan

    The cost listed below includes a standard, double-occupancy room. Note that North Carolina Sales Tax is charged on meal plans, per NC Statute – tax details are available in the application linked below.

    Plan Cost Gladfelter Cowpie Flex Dollars
    PREMIUM Meal Plan $6,075 / semester Unlimited Meals 1 Scan / Meal $240 Flex
    PLUS Meal Plan $5,965 / semester Unlimited Meals 1 Scan / Meal $130 Flex
    OPEN DINING Meal Plan $5,875 / semester Unlimited Meals 1 Scan / Meal $40 Flex

    Residence Life

    Warren Wilson offers a variety of different living arrangements for new students, including some interesting themed communities within the residence halls. Learn more about residence life and themed housing, and find out about our residence halls.

    The Office of Residence Life supports your on-campus living experience. Our crew of Area Coordinators and Resident Assistants (RAs) provide support, programming, and events. Programs and events are designed to help you get to know others on your floor and in your building and to gain new skills and perspectives.

    Your Roommate & Housing Assignment

    As a new student, you’re assigned a room and roommate based on your responses to the Room Selection Survey. The survey will ask you about your habits, preferences, interests, and lifestyle. We make every effort to honor your preferences and place you in an environment where you’ll thrive, but living in community will involve compromise at times. Transfer students have the option of residing in a group of rooms together.

    Renter’s Insurance

    We highly recommend that all students cover their belongings with a renter’s insurance policy. Some parents may be able to claim their students belongings while at college on their homeowners insurance policies as well.

    Complete Your Application

    Once you’re ready, complete the Residence Life Application online.

  7. Complete Your Health Insurance Waiver

    You’re required to have health insurance to attend, and Warren Wilson enrolls you in a CIGNA plan and adds the charge to your bill.  CIGNA health insurance provides coverage until July 31 (pricing for students entering in the Spring is pro-rated). CIGNA is the insurance company, and CHP / Wellfleet is the plan administrator (for managing benefits, claims, and communications).

    If you have health insurance already through a parent or guardian, please fill out the waiver to cancel enrollment and reverse the charge for our student health insurance.

    • Go to
    • Choose Waive and then Waive Online. Follow the instructions to create an account.
    • Make sure to use your WWC email address, and you will need your WWC student ID number.
    • Enter your insurance information.
    • Waiving in the fall will waive coverage for the entire year.
    • It takes a few days for the insurance company to process the waiver. It’s a good idea to check back in and verify that the waiver has been processed.
    • Make sure you receive confirmation from CHP / Wellfleet that your waiver was approved. If the charge is not removed from your Student Account within 5 business days then your waiver has not been approved. Log into your CHP / Wellfleet account to complete the waiver process.

    Wellfleet Student Health Insurance – Benefits at a Glace 2022-2023

    Wellfleet Student Health Insurance – Summary of Benefits & Coverage 2022-2023

    Are you considering competing on a varsity sports team? If so, you can learn more about athletic insurance coverage here.

    The waiver must be completed by January 13, 2023 for Spring enrollment or the charge will not be reversed.  For more information, email or call (828) 771-3800.

    NOTE: For any questions regarding issues with the Wellfleet portal or problems with waiver acceptance, please call Wellfleet’s Customer Service line at (877) 657-5030.

  8. Send Us Your Documents

    Curious what required documents you’re missing? You can view your checklist of documents on your Application Status Page. You will need to have or setup your WWC Admissions Portal login. Can’t get your login to work? Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help.

    Here is the list of required documents:

    • Final, official transcript showing proof of high school graduation
    • Official AP scores
    • IB scores
    • Final, official college/university transcripts (if dual enrolled or a Transfer Student)

    Paper documents can be sent to:

    Office of Admissions
    Warren Wilson College
    PO Box 9000
    Asheville, NC 28815-9000

    Electronic documents can be emailed to or delivered via a secure transfer service.

  9. Complete Your Student Health Records & COVID-19 Vaccination Verification

    You must be logged into your Warren Wilson Google account before you can access these forms – we recommend you use a computer and not a phone.

    Student Health Record

    Before you begin, make sure that you have a digital/scanned copy of your Immunization History ready to upload.

    Don’t procrastinate! You may need to visit your doctor before this can be completed, and the Student Health Record is required before you can attend classes.

    Complete your Student Health Record online.

    COVID-19 Vaccination Verification

    COVID vaccination is mandatory for all students.

    In order to show proof of vaccination, the Health Center has launched the Vaccination Verification Form. ALL students must complete this form prior to moving onto campus for the start of the Spring 2023 semester. You can complete this requirement by either providing proof of vaccination or waive this requirement by providing proof of medical exemption or by claiming a religious exemption to the vaccination. As with all medical documentation, this form is private and will only be used by our medical personnel.

    Vaccination Proof:
    The form will ask you to upload a clear copy of the vaccination card you receive when completing the COVID vaccination.

    Medical Exemptions:
    The form will ask you to provide approved documentation from a licensed physician.

    Religious Exemptions:
    The form displays a copy of the North Carolina Immunization Law, North Carolina General Statute 130A-157 for you to read and electronically sign.

    The CDC has launched a Federal Retail Pharmacy Program for COVID vaccinations to provide assistance in finding access. This website: will also help you find vaccination sites near you, and could be especially helpful for college students who need a second dose in a different state.

    Please email with any questions.

    Complete the COVID Vaccination Verification Form

  10. Complete Your First-Year Workbook or Transfer Workbook

    The First Year and Transfer Workbook will take you about 15-20 minutes to complete and will help your Integrated Advising Coach get to know more about your motivations, background, and goals for your first year at WWC. During the school year, you will use the responses in this workbook to assist in developing an individualized action plan to help guide you through a successful first year.

    Please complete your workbook ASAP.

    Start your First-Year Student Workbook
    Start Your Transfer Workbook

  11. Take Your Placement Tests

    At Warren Wilson College, we use placement tests to help determine the best level for you to begin your academic coursework. These tests are used to measure where you are right now. It’s important you take them seriously, but don’t feel pressure to study or prepare too much. Basically, we want a snapshot of where you are, so we know where you should start.

    These placement tests are hosted on our e-learning platform called Moodle. You will need to login to Moodle using your WWC username and password (refer to instructions in the step above).

    Math Placement Exam
    All incoming students are required to take this test (including Transfer Students).*

    • There is one exam. (Please read the directions thoroughly.)
    • There are 3 versions of the same exam.
    • If you don’t do as well as you expected on version A, review and take version B or C.
    • If you usually need extra time, you are encouraged to take version C, it is set for 4 hours.

    * You may omit this exam if you have satisfied your math general education course with transfer, AP, or IB credit AND if you do not intend to enroll in MAT 2410 Calculus I or Mat 2420 Calculus II. If you haven’t satisfied your math general education requirement or want to take calculus, then you must take the exam.

    LENGTH: Designed for 1 hour, however 2 hours are allowed. Must be completed in one sitting.
    NOTE: Have pencil and paper on hand. Test should be completed without a calculator.

    Chemistry Placement Exam
    Do you plan to study science at Warren Wilson? This includes natural science majors (chemistry, biology, etc.) and environmental studies students, as well as students interested in medical school or other health professions. If yes, you must take this test.

    If you are a Transfer Student considering a science major who hasn’t transferred in General Chemistry credit, you should also take this test.

    LENGTH: 80 minutes long and must be completed in one sitting.

    Spanish Placement Exam
    If you have studied Spanish in high school or speak it at home, and if you think you might take Spanish in college, you need to take this test. Register with your WWC email address. Please know that you may only take the test once.

    LENGTH: Untimed
    NOTE: The test’s password is: wwcollege

  12. Register for a Group Advising Session

    The first step to getting registered for courses is to attend a virtual Group Advising Session hosted by the Center for Integrated Advising and Careers (CIAC). This session will overview how to register for courses. During this session, you will schedule a 1:1 appointment with your Integrated Advising Coach (IAC) which is when you will build your unique schedule.

  13. Complete Your Work Crew Application
    • Log into your myWWC account.
    • Go to this link.
    • Review the available open positions.
    • Begin the online application process. When asked “Have you attended Warren Wilson College before?” make sure that you choose, “No. This will be my first semester at WWC.” Apply to 2-3 crews that interest you!
    • Crew supervisors will be in touch with you after you apply to schedule brief interviews (they will contact you at your WWC email address).
    • The Work Program Office will send out official work offers via students’ WWC email address.
    • Here are some important dates you should know:
      • Dec 12th – Open Positions posted
      • Jan 2nd – Application Deadline
      • Jan 12th – Confirmation of Work Offers – Deadline by which students need to confirm job offers.
      • If you do not apply to any positions, or do not accept a work offer by the final deadline, you will be assigned to a crew based on staffing needs.

  14. Pay Your First Semester Bill

    Students enrolling for Spring will receive a billing packet in the mail that provides you with a statement for your first semester along with helpful instructions about ensuring your financial aid is applied, payment plans, and payment options.

    NOTE: Completing the Health Insurance Waiver (above) will reverse the charge for student health insurance.

  15. Register for Courses

    Use the schedule for Spring courses that you developed with your Integrated Advising Coach to guide you as you register.

    Before you register for courses, please make sure that you have:

    • completed your placement tests (needed for advising)
    • sent us your final, official transcripts and test scores (needed for advising)
    • attended a group advising session
    • met with your IA Coach
    • paid your first semester’s bill

    Reach back out to your Integrated Advising Coach if you have any questions!

  16. Register for Orientation & Move-In

    Orientation will run from the 12-16th with small group sessions all throughout the weekend. New Student Move-In will be January 12th.

    Orientation is a mandatory time for you to learn all about campus life.

    Complete the orientation registration form.