What We’re About

Our mission is to effectively and strategically divert materials from being landfilled through standard and special recycling, composting, and goods repurposing.

The  Recycling Crew, consisting of 15+ Waste Prevention Specialists, provides an invaluable service to manage and divert all categories of waste on campus. The crew runs the Free Store, operates a closed loop compost facility, and makes deliberate choices in recycling businesses to ensure proper recycling and responsible disposal.

The majority of our work is outdoors/physical labor oriented, but through hands-on learning, community engagement, and outreach, our goal on campus is to provide the learning opportunity to RETHINK WASTE from recycling right to preventing waste in the first place.

While being on the recycling crew I’ve learned a lot about human nature through what people throw away, info about composting, and how to work effectively as a team to complete a task.

Lydia Morrow

I love my crew because I feel as though we are doing a job that is integral to both the campus’ basic functions but is also crucial to the college’s sustainability efforts. The crew provided me with education and information about easy lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference.

Lee Williams

I love being on Recycling crew because we take direct action towards sustainability every single day. Being able to see tangible results of the work we do on campus is important. I also learned the power of “out of sight, out of mind” — when you see what’s coming through the trash each day it becomes clear what work needs to be done in the realm of public education.

Arlo Gregson

Supervisor Spotlight

Megan Davis

Growing up in Montana, Megan Davis spent many summers running around barefoot, drinking from hoses and building forts in the woods, which turned out to be the ideal incubator for generating a passion for the environment. This love carried her to Oregon State University where she studied Natural Resources Policy to understand, in more depth, the delicate intricacies of how our society and environment are connected. Over the last decade, she’s worked in the realm of sustainability, finding her niche in recycling education and waste management. Innovative & resourceful, she possesses the active background in leadership, educational insight, business development & resolution management.

Common Learning Outcomes

These intentional learning outcomes distinguish our work program, giving it focus and relevancy that set it apart from federal work study or your average part-time job. 

Our Common Learning Outcomes are:

  • Dependability: reliability, accountability, and the ability to successfully manage your time
  • Integrity: trustworthiness and respect for transparent honesty
  • Initiative: self-control, the ability to evaluate situations, and motivation to carry out responsibilities
  • Analytical Thinking: working with available resources to creatively address issues and solve problems
  • Communication: the ability to convey information effectively and build community with others
  • Collaboration: collaborate with peers to achieve common goals
  • Appreciation of the Value of All Work: an understanding of your place in the working world, and a respect for the dignity of all work

Learning and Performance Goals

In addition to our Common Learning Outcomes, each crew in the Work Program identifies crew-specific goals for learning and performance. These are reviewed with you each semester. The Learning and Performance Goals outline skills and abilities the supervisor will teach during the semester.