What We’re About

ITS Crew members are some of the most helpful folks on campus. Most come to Warren Wilson with very little technical experience and they learn valuable transferable skills along with technical skills in their time on Crew. They typically develop into people capable of finding solutions for all sorts of issues. Whether one has zero experience with technology or loves tinkering with Raspberry Pis or VPNs when schoolwork is done, one can find their place on ITS Crew. They deploy, support, and fix all computing and technology equipment and services at WWC with the guidance of ITS staff.

Crew members are mentored and taught by an ITS staff team that is dedicated to helping them grow and who model collaboration and leadership across skill sets.

Students in all majors succeed on this crew, from Creative Writing to Chemistry and Math. Those who wish to dive deeper in areas such as networking, coding, and educational technology will have the chance to do so as they level up in basic IT support and customer service skills and gain more experience on crew.

One thing I really enjoy about working on ITS is the fact that we get to interact with almost everyone on campus. After 3 years on the crew, most of the faculty and staff on campus know me. It’s a cool feeling. A big part of the job is problem solving. I’ve learned how to break big problems down into smaller problems and work on it from there to narrow down the list of possible solutions to find the right one.

Mark Hendrick

There are too many things about my crew that I love but it has to be the people on ITS. Everyone is so kind and willing to help and be there when needed, and they are just fun to be around. I’ve learned so much, everything from customer service to the in and outs of technology. It’s a great crew if you’re looking to learn and grow.

Jodie Karr

Supervisor Spotlight

Greg Feightner got his start in IT shortly after college by creating and administering a computer lab for grammar school students in a financially under-resourced neighborhood in Chicago. He took a detour into doing various non-profit program support and administrative work for the next several years landing in Asheville in 2013. While here, he’s done festival planning and worked for a boutique IT administration and support company for nearly 6 years before joining the Warren Wilson ITS staff in March 2020. His goal when supporting others’ IT needs is to do so with compassion and creativity realizing the essential role that technology plays in contemporary society. He enjoys working in his home garden, participating in local government in Black Mountain, and finding great concerts in the area.

Learning Outcomes

You’ll spend years working alongside your peers and mentored by supervisors. Part of the experience of work at Warren Wilson is guided critical reflection, which helps ensure that you achieve both your own educational goals as well as our Common Learning Outcomes. These intentional learning outcomes distinguish our work program, giving it focus and relevancy that set it apart from federal work study or your average part-time job.

Specifically, our Common Learning Outcomes are:

  • Dependability: reliability, accountability, and the ability to successfully manage your time
  • Integrity: trustworthiness and respect for transparent honesty
  • Initiative: self-control, the ability to evaluate situations, and motivation to carry out responsibilities
  • Analytical Thinking: working with available resources to creatively address issues and solve problems
  • Communication: the ability to convey information effectively and build community with others
  • Collaboration: collaborate with peers to achieve common goals
  • Appreciation of the Value of All Work: an understanding of your place in the working world, and a respect for the dignity of all work

Learning and Performance Goals

In addition to our Common Learning Outcomes, crew members gain skills and experience primarily in troubleshooting technical issues, computer skills/training, customer service, and working as part of a flexible, multi-talented team.