At Warren Wilson College, our unique education model provides a diverse array of opportunities and experiences ready to help you build your future. The possible combinations are infinite, but figuring out how they will fit together for you would feel a little overwhelming if you didn’t have a guide.

That’s why every Warren Wilson student has an Integrated Advising Coach in addition to their faculty academic advisor. Your coach will help you pair your academic plan with experiences that complement your focus area, including hands-on community engagement opportunities, work crews, research, professional internships, and even study abroad courses or programs.

My experiences at Warren Wilson have been incredibly diverse. And I am so grateful that the fact that I am a Global Studies major doesn’t keep me from being the Cattle Boss. That is a liberal arts education! While I was in Mexico, I got to see the convergence of my different passions at Wilson come together in a beautiful way. And as I leave Wilson, I know that I am not limited. I am fully equipped to think critically.

Anne Clare Courtway ’18, now working for Heifer International

Your coach stays with you throughout your time at Warren Wilson, personalizing your journey, helping you bring together the right experiences to become who you want to be, and ensuring that you are prepared to make the changes you want to see in the world.

Your Integrated Advising Coach also helps you articulate and document the value of your Warren Wilson experiences as you build an impressive portfolio and résumé full of your achievements. And they will make sure you’re ready for whatever step comes next, whether that is grad school, a new job, travel, or nonprofit service. Your coach will be an excellent reference, too, having watched you integrate all of your varied college experiences into preparation for a fulfilling career and a meaningful life.

Center for Integrated Advising & Careers

You will meet with your Integrated Advising Coach throughout each semester in the Center for Integrated Advising & Careers, where you will also find all of the resources you need to support your goals and maximize your time at Warren Wilson.

If you’re struggling, you will get the help you need through tutors, peer coaches, academic support, study labs, or an accommodation plan. You can use the Textbook Exchange or visit the Career Closet for professional clothes and shoes for your next interview. You can get career advising and resume help or find out about shadowing opportunities.

Finding your way… Even when you’re going the wrong way.

Integrated Advising benefits both students who know where they want to go, and those who are still trying to figure that out.

Take Deanna Dragan ’15. She came to Warren Wilson interested in working with children. When she engaged in service work with kids, however, she quickly realized that she was not in love with the work. Reflecting and processing her experience with the guidance of advisors, she revaluated her talents and interests, changed her major to psychology, and met her Community Engagement Commitment through service with an elderly treatment program. Upon graduation, Deanna’s academic, work, and service experiences at Wilson earned her a spot in a Ph.D. program for geropsychology at the University of Alabama.

Integrated Advising offers a structure for reflection, connection, guidance, and support. Like Deanna, who discovered that her strength was in helping people near the ends of their lives instead of the beginnings, students who graduate from Warren Wilson leave personally and professionally ready to make their meaningful impact on the world.

Select Services the Center Provides

  • Integrated Advising
  • Career Advising
  • Tutoring
  • Assessments
  • Study Labs
  • Major Declarations
  • Community Engagement Advising
  • Textbook Exchange
  • Career Closet (professional clothes)
  • Job Search
  • Internship Search
  • Graduate School Counseling
  • Resume & Cover Letter Advising
  • Peer Coaching
  • Disability Access & Accommodation Plans
  • Special Events: “Alumni Connections Socials,” “Career Treks” to major employers in the region, “Crews to Careers” panels, Internship and Job Fairs, Graduate School Fairs, and more!