A Research Showcase

Auspex is an interdisciplinary journal of undergraduate research created annually to showcase student work. Many of the papers that make it into Auspex start as senior capstone projects and are presented during the “Capstone Carnival.”

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Capstone Experiences in the Natural Sciences

In the Capstone program, you’ll gain first-hand experience in scientific investigation and scientific communication in a dynamic, collaborative research environment. You will be matched individually with a faculty mentor who provides training and support during the research process. In addition to a primary faculty mentor, you can select two faculty members to serve as your research committee. Committee members provide additional feedback and expertise during the research process.

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So the idea was to have a few departments join forces and coordinate student presentations in a conference-like atmosphere, canceling classes to ensure an audience. This benefits faculty, who get to have the time to learn about the programs, and students from other departments. It benefits senior presenters, who take the event seriously, and feel pressure (and excitement) to be more professional. And it benefits non-seniors, who have the opportunity to check out the kinds of research that they will one day carry out, and to compare the kinds of projects done by students in different disciplines and programs.

Ben Feinberg

Research at Work

In 2016, Emma Sullivan and Tayla Clark received the Pugh Grant to support their NSURS research projects. Emma’s research topic was Lowering Stress in Shelter Dogs through Enrichment (Measured via Salivary Cortisol and Behavioral Testing). Tayla conducted an Examination of pollinator damage and possible spider defense in Calycanthus floridus. 
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Research in the Arts

A common misconception is that research is occurring only in the science labs. Not true at Warren Wilson. Our humanities, fine art and social students are also contributing to their disciplines through original research. Art students recent research included a Survey of Marionettes, conducted by Emily Bader, Working with Mica and Micaceous Clay by Isa Coppinger, and Performing Institutional Critique and Socially Engaged Art in the River Arts District by Shannon Waldman.