With a variety of spaces outside and inside, we have the venue for your event. These venues are available year-round. Contact Liz Brace at conference@warren-wilson.edu for more information and to reserve space today.

Indoor Spaces


Are you wanting to teach a class, host a summer camp, a meeting, or a staff retreat? Our classrooms are available to be rented. Large blocks of classrooms can be booked based on availability.

Lecture Halls

Our lecture halls are perfect for readings, lectures, and workshops.

Canon Lounge

Canon Lounge is often used for presentations, meetings, and dinners.

Bryson Gym

Bryson Gym is the oldest wooden gym in North Carolina. It is the perfect venue for smaller informal events that need space to move. Events such as dances, performances, and receptions fit well into this space.

Kittredge Theatre

Kittredge Theatre is a fully functional performing arts theater with stage lights, sound system, and curtains. There is a large lobby space for people to gather before the event.

Williams Recital Hall

The Williams Recital Hall is a smaller venue optimized for smaller musical events.

Outdoor Spaces

Morris Pavilion

The Pavilion provides ample covered and green space. On one end of the pavilion is a stage that can fit a 4 – 5-person band comfortably. Host your wedding, concert, benefit, or gathering in our premium outdoor venue.

Formal Gardens

Plan your wedding or formal gathering in our Formal Gardens. Surrounded by our serene campus with the privacy of foliage year round – you can plan your perfect outdoor event.