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Warren Wilson College student featured on The Jennifer Hudson Show

Warren Wilson student Baileigh Sinaman-Daniel was featured on The Jennifer Hudson Show.


Sinaman-Daniel’s journey is one of extraordinary resilience and determination. Despite being born with one arm, she plays on the Warren Wilson women’s basketball team and is an inspiration to her peers.


The Jennifer Hudson Show showcased her remarkable story, highlighting her unwavering spirit and her ability to defy expectations both on and off the court.


“Being on the show meant so much to me,” Sinaman-Daniel said. “The cast was so kind and genuine, and Jennifer Hudson was so funny and so positive. It truly was a dream come true.”


Sinaman-Daniel appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show on Tuesday, February 20. The show aired on NBC, TLC, Pluto TV and Sling TV, and it is available online here.


Sinaman-Daniel was born with a birth defect that caused her right arm to not fully develop.  She started playing basketball in her freshman year of high school and was unexpectedly cut from the team during her senior year. She was determined to continue her basketball career and made her college team.


Sinaman-Daniel, who is majoring in psychology, is not only a guard for Warren Wilson’s Division III team but is also a member of the women’s volleyball team.


Her story was also recently featured on Good Morning America and local news station WLOS.


Sinaman-Daniel said she hopes her story will inspire others to pursue their passion, even if the odds are against them.


“I hope that when people see me play that they realize that you really can do anything,” she said. “I know that’s a saying, but I want to be living proof that it’s possible.”