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Mar 31, 2023Apr 02, 20237:30pm, with a 3:30pm matinee on the 2nd

Warren Wilson Theatre presents “Pterodactyls”

Warren Wilson Theatre presents Nicky Silver’s “Pterodactyls,” a caustically funny exploration of denial and family relationships, at Kittredge Theatre on the Warren Wilson College campus on March 31, April 1, and April 2 at 7:30pm, with a 3:30pm matinee on the 2nd.

At its heart, “Pterodactyls” is a show about denial, and the ways that we, in our families, feed and function within systems that often refuse to acknowledge the most basic facts. The show centers on the Duncan family, including Grace, the alcoholic mother, Arthur, the adultering father, Emma, the amnesiac daughter, and Todd, the son who has come home after years on his own. The Duncan family has been living happily in denial in their bubble of wealth and opulence, but Todd’s homecoming bursts this metaphorical bubble and releases the feelings and issues they’ve all been suppressing, pouring out of them in a comedic display of familial
relationships and the consequences of long-held denial.

The content of this play is dark, giving an honest and bitterly hilarious look into the lives of a family riddled with issues. According to Ben Brantley of The New York Times, “‘Pterodactyls’ recycles all the cliches of the unraveling all-American family and scales them up to the point that they become poignantly grotesque symbols of a species on the verge of extinction,” and this assessment couldn’t be more accurate– from Emma’s deep-rooted amnesia to the dinosaur on stage, Warren Wilson College’s “Pterodactyls” promises to be a must-see show.

“Pterodactyls” explores adult themes.
All performances are open to the public.
For information: Email or follow us on Facebook, Warren Wilson Theatre-Crew.