The Theatre/English Major

The Theatre Department works in concert with the English Department to offer a unique combination Major in Theatre and English.  The following is an outline of requirements for the major.  (For more detailed requirements and exceptions, please contact Candace Taylor )  We also offer a Theatre Minor.

The Theatre/English Major comprises:

18 Credits from the following courses:

  • THR 113 Technical Theatre
  • ENG/THR 250 Introduction to Classical Theatre
  • ENG/THR 251 Introduction to Modern Theatre
  • ENG 341 Shakespeare
  • WRI 230 Modern English Grammar

12 Credits from among the following courses:

  • ENG 336 Literature and Culture of the Renaissance
  • ENG 344 Literature and Culture of the Restoration
  • ENG 129 Religion in Literature
  • MUS/THR 280 Opera as Drama

12 Credits from among all other Theatre courses:

See Theatre Course Offerings

8 Credit hours in Performance/Production practicum

Total:  50 credits

Additional Requirement: at least two semesters of work on the The Theatre Crew (preferably in junior and senior years).

Exceptionally committed students may wish to consider undertaking the Senior Project in Theatre.

Students majoring in another department, but who want to pursue a strong interest in theatre, may consider completing the requirements for a Theatre Minor.

The Theatre Minor

The Theatre Minor consists of 30 credits of coursework and production experience, along with work on the Theatre Crew.

Because of recent changes to theatre course offerings, please contact Candace Taylor for up-to-date requirements.

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