The Theatre Crew

The Warren Wilson Theatre Crew is part of the College’s distinctive Work Program.  The Theatre Crew provides students with the opportunity to practice all of the “behind the scenes” work of theatre.  Hands-on work ranges from set and costume construction to publicity and media management. We welcome interested non-majors to apply to work on Theatre Crew, and require all majors to do so for at least two semesters.  The Theatre Crew makes our program special: we operate as a working theatre, staffed by students who work closely with faculty and staff in a highly collaborative environment.

The Theatre Crew has the following mission:

The mission of the Theatre Crew is to support the success of the Department of Theatre and the Work Program through the timely and effective performance of theatre crafts and related duties, while developing responsibility, communication, and teamwork among its members.

The crew is divided into three groups:


The Stage Crew is responsible for building scenery and stage properties, and preparing lighting and sound equipment. The Stage Crew is also responsible for maintaining the scene shop, stage, lobby and seating areas, control booth and related storage areas of Kittredge Theatre. The Stage Crew is under the direct supervision of Don Baker.



The Costume Crew is responsible for building, maintaining and managing costumes, and for maintaining the costume shop, dressing rooms, costume collection and related storage areas of Kittredge Theatre. The Costume Crew is under the direct supervision of Beverly Ohler.



The Theatre Office Crew is responsible for supporting academic and production activities through a variety of activities related to the administration, student learning, and legacy of the Department.  Such activities include publicity, audience development, communications, scheduling, financial record-keeping, researching off-campus and post-grad learning opportunities, website and media management, and maintaining the theatre library, office areas, house and lobby of Kittredge Theatre. The Theatre Office Crew is under the direct supervision of Candace Taylor.


The Theatre Office Crew

Kailey Larson

Annalise Gaul

Tristan Cameron

Ellen Willmann


The Scene Shop

Elyssa Blakeman-McCain

Christine Harber

Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton

Sam Santoianni

Sophie Yates

Emily Wingenroth

Samantha Bereman


The Costume Shop

Jimena Novaro

Matt Roseman

Katherine Major

For more information on joining Theatre Crew, interested Warren Wilson students (and prospective and incoming students) should contact Don Baker, who is the Theatre Crew’s overall supervisor — or one of the other supervisors listed above.