Winter’s Tale

A Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare

A Winter’s Tale has lessons on jealously, redemption, and love. In a fit of irrational jealously, King Leonetes of Sicilia, drives away hisbest friend, causes the deaths of his wife Hermonie and son, and abandons his new born daughter. This tragicomedy takes a turn for the better when Perdita, Leonetes daughter, is taken in by a shepherd and his son. The progression of the play leads to a fantastical ending.


A Winter’s Tale is a co-production with Montford Park Players. It will play at Kittredge Theatre October 2-5 and at the Masonic Temple October 9-26.

All evening shows start at 7:30pm. Sunday matinees at the Masonic Temple will start at 2:30pm .


Tickets for showings at Warren Wilson are $10                                                             Tickets for showings at the Masonic Temple are $15

You can reserve tickets for Winter’s Tale here.