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A Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare

A Winter’s Tale has lessons on jealously, redemption, and love. In a fit of irrationaljealously, King Leonetes of Sicilia, drives away hisbest friend, causes the deaths of his wife Hermonie and son, and abandons his new born daughter. This tragicomedy takes a turn for the better when Perdita, Leonetes daughter, is taken in by a shepherd and his son. The progression of the play leads to a fantastical ending.



The Philadelphia Story by Philip Barry, April 16-19

Philip Barry’s comedic play, The Philadelphia Story, was first performed on stage in 1939. The story follows the life of Tracy Lord, a socialite of the town, divorced, and preparing for her wedding-to-be. Havoc reeks when a magazine company sends Tracy’s ex-husband, Dexter Haven, along with a photographer, Macaulay, to snag the juicy details of her wedding in secret. Hilarity and sparks fly as both Dexter and Macaulay determinedly fight for Tracy’s affection, while Tracy deals with the arrangements of her possible wedding. Which leads to a daunting question: will she choose her fiance or fall madly for one of the men in her pursuit?