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The new year…

It’s been quiet here at the WWC Blog – the office is getting ready for another year with retreats and meetings in full swing… the relaxed pace of summer is giving way to… what? …a more ‘kinetic’ day-to-day… there is an excitement, an energy to the campus once again…

As I consider the year ahead and make plans for educational programming, etc. I think about what makes this work really WORK.  What really brings about CHANGE, an END to violence, HEALTHY relationships….

It’s the people in the community.  Really, it’s not a difficult formula to figure out…

When individuals in a community say ‘no’ to sexual violence and ‘yes’ to consent, ‘yes’ to respect, ‘yes’ to dialogue, and compassion… and when these individuals then come together to create a community – where one voice is multiplied by the dozens of others in support of each other – you have an amazing progressive movement to deal with!

I see that for Warren Wilson this year – as in years in the past – we CAN and we DO… we CAN be activists for non-violence and model consensual relationships.  We DO this work.

And I’m looking forward doing this work with you this year!

- RISE Director 


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