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(the) RISE (of) Social Media…

We’re expanding our social media toolkit… if you’re reading this then you are aware of the newly created RISE blog!  We also have a Facebook page and will be expanding to Twitter soon – and who knows to where from there…

In part this expansion into the digital frontier is an experiment – in part it’s an acknowledgement that many already choose to connect to others (and keep up with various causes and events) via digital media (Facebook recently…?!).  RISE is about making connections – no matter how those connections happen – face-to-face or txt-to-txt – we want to connect to you! …and we find multiple methods of communication to be better than a one-size fits all approach…

Click here to connect to our growing list of social media connections!  We also offer links to local community and NC state digital connections.

If you have ideas for other links or connections – let us know!

(Update: as if right on cue and just as I hit ‘sent’ on the above entry – this comes from PreventConnect: Social Media, Social Life.


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