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Matt Mittan and listeners take a Green Walkabout

To sign up for future WWC Green Walkabouts, contact Stan Cross at scross@warren-wilson.edu or by calling 828.771.3782.

Matt Mittan, talk show host of 570 WWNC, and 12 of his listeners participated in a Green Walkabout at Warren Wilson College on July 25, 2007. This lasted from 9 a.m. to noon. We then all had lunch together to discuss environmental issues, green design, farming, gardening, waste management, alternative fuels and other construction related topics. The group was composed of a REALTOR, four developers, a retired environmental manager, the General Manager and Environmental Manager (an alum of WWC!) of Pisgah Inn, and interested citizens. Stan Cross of the Environmental Leadership Center led the group on this Green Walkabout. In the first photo, John Casey, VP of Academic Affairs (L) is speaking with Matt Mittan.

We had a great day! Matt has asked us to coordinate another Green Walkabout for a Saturday in the Fall of 2007 so that people working during the week will be able to participate. So, stay tuned for future events!

Here are a few photos from our day together. For more information about this Green Walkabout, feel free to contact Phillip Ray Gibson, Director of Community Outreach, Environmental Leadership Center of Warren Wilson College, 771-3781.

Matt is speaking with Ben Anderson – Warren Wilson College’s Director of Communications.

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