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Community Meeting Guidelines & Information


The purpose of Community Meetings is to establish communication and fellowship among the entire campus community through presentation of shared topics of interest, discussion, participation and opportunities for involvement thereafter.  The meetings are lead by faculty, students, and/or staff and can also include invited guests, artists, or authors of distinction.

Procedure for Scheduling a Community Meeting

Community Meeting topics are selected by the Forum and Caucus Conveners.  For anyone interested in submitting a proposal, please follow these guidelines (download pdf instructions):

  1. Anyone can submit a Community Meeting proposal at any time but a call for proposals and deadline for submission will be periodically communicated to the Campus community. Be sure to send proposals as early in the academic year as possible.
  2. Submit a proposal that includes the following information:
    • Title of the event.
    • Community Meeting date requested (visit Academic Calendar to determine date).
    • Names (if known) of those involved (departments, organizations, or program areas can be identified as well).
    • Description of event (i.e. What will take place during event?)
    • Goals/action steps that are intended to result from hosting Community Meeting.
    • Rationale for hosting event as a Community Meeting (i.e. How does it benefit the entire community and perpetuate fellowship among the Campus community?)
  3. Email all proposals to

Forum and Caucus conveners will review each proposal submitted. Once a selection has been made, all parties submitting a proposal will be informed of the results of the decision. For those whose proposals were not selected, suggestions may be made as to alternative paths proposals can be taken for presentation.

Important!  Community Meetings are recognized on the Academic Calendar  as a Wednesday, 4-5:00 p.m. event.  This means that all WWC community members are free to attend.  When hosting an event outside the allotted Community Meeting time, events can be called “Public Discussion”, “Public Event” or “Public Meeting” or a title of a similar nature but not “Community Meeting”.

Hosting a Community Meeting

Individuals who have been approved to host a Community Meeting are responsible for the following:

  • Communicating event plans with Campus Governance Communications Coordinator (
  • Coordinating, organizing, managing and running all details of the meeting.
  • Communicating with guests affiliated with event.
  • Contacting Dining Services for refreshment requirements.
  • Completing the FMTS setup requirements form and submitting it at least 10 working days prior to event.
  • Advertising the event to the campus community via email, posters, and/or Inside page events calendar/news-feed.


All Community Meetings take place between 4:00-5:00p.m. and are held in Canon Lounge.

Fall 2011

September 7President Obama’s Interfaith Community Service Campus Challenge
Presented by: Steve Runholdt, Sandy Pfeiffer, Jeanne Sommer, Cathy Kramer

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October 5Governance Ice Cream Social
Presented by: Caucus

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November 9 - What is YOUR Desirable Future?
Presented by: Stan Cross and the ELC’s Campus Greening Crew

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Spring 2012

February 1 – Community Meeting on Race
Presented by: Student Caucus Conveners

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February 29 – Drafting Our Campus Creed
Presented by: Steering committee that includes Paula Garrett, Caucus Conveners, Scott Fair, Ed Raiola and Keri Willever

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May 2