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Community Meeting on February 29: Drafting Our Campus Creed

A steering committee that includes Paula Garrett, Caucus Conveners, Scott Fair, Ed Raiola and Keri Willever is aiming to involve the WWC community in creating a Warren Wilson College Campus Creed.

There appears to be increasing numbers of instances where a lack of accountability and civil discourse is taking place on campus.  These instances involve issues varying in range from racial insensitivity, sexual misconduct, substance use and abuse, and disrespect for residence halls.  

The idea behind this Community Meeting is to create a creed that will provide our community with further means to make sure we are accountable to one another while still allowing for individual freedoms. This creed will contain lists of words or phrases that we, as a community, decide best represent the ethics, standards, or values we expect all members to live by. The lists generated from the Community Meeting will be placed  throughout the campus in various, creative ways, reminding everyone how we have agreed to treat one another in our desire to be community members of this campus.

Come to Canon Lounge, Wednesday, February 29 from 4-5:00p.m. to be a part of Drafting Our Campus Creed.

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