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Community Meeting Photos for Nov. 9: What is YOUR Desirable Future?

As a warm-up to an awesome, fantastic evening with Wendell Berry, Stan Cross and Environmental Leadership Center’s Campus Greening Crew presented the College’s State of the Climate to inform the community about our progress toward the greenhouse gas emissions goals the College pledged to a few years back. Serious stuff and Stan did his best to make it enjoyable!

After his presentation, a highly trained rogue student theater troupe devoted to the teachings of Graham Paul followed with a guaranteed enjoyable performance.  Once the truth about climate action on campus was revealed and theater was enjoyed by all, EW Quinbaya-Winship, director of RISE Project, engaged the community with an interactive discussion about our individual and shared visions of a desirable future here at WWC, in the world, and in our own hearts. 

If we are going to take on the challenge of climate change on our campus, what for? What motivates us? What is the future we desire to make? At the end of the discussion, EW involved audience volunteers  in creating their own version of a theatrical vision for our future. And not a cookie was left on the plate!

See for yourselves!

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