Reminder: Two new Global Studies classes for Fall 2010

Registration week is upon us! Keep in mind these two new Global Studies courses as you register for the fall:

GBL 331: The Cold War, Popular Culture and Globalization
Students in this course will study the Cold War to enhance their understanding of the history of globalization and the power dynamics within the contemporary world system. First, students will learn about the international history of the Cold War. Second, they will explore the role of popular culture in that struggle through case studies about subjects ranging from literature in Southeast Asia and art in Europe to jazz in Africa and filmmaking across the globe.

GBL 392: Thinking Globally: Contemporary Globalization in Context
Just how does one “think globally?” Globalization is arguably the key organizing construct of our time, yet understanding just what it is and what it means for people and places around the globe is a difficult undertaking. This course, designed for upper-level Global Studies majors, focuses on the concepts, theories, thinkers and debates in contemporary globalization studies. The course provides a solid grounding in globalization thought for students preparing to undertake their own research in the Global Studies Capstone Seminar.

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