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Multicultural Resource Center “forgotten” without supervisor

After supervisor left, crew’s three members plan and organize crew-sponsored events on their own

The search for a new RISE director begins, slowly

Director of Student Activities, Dan Seeger, serving as interim supervisor

Energy Services audits service learning building

Crew assesses energy efficiency of older office on campus

Garden Crew welcomes a new supervisor with nearly 20 years of garden management experience

Patrick Ross, with 20 years of garden management, will lead the crew.

Queer Resource Center merges with EMPOWER

Crews with similar priorities join forces

Harvest service includes animals, a decades-old tradition

The Thanksgiving harvest display has included animals from the farm for 77 years, a tradition which began with Bernhard Laursen, the college’s first farm manager in1933, the College Pastor Steve Runholt said in his sermon.

Grower pigs contract porcine cirvovirus type 2, 8 get sick or die

“Out of out of our 40 pigs, we had eight get sick or die,” said Chandler. “We had a vet come in and try to give them antibiotics, but that did not work. Nothing seemed to be working.”

Stream diversion by MACFC

This fall, the Farm Crew set out to restore the landscape surrounding a stream by Dam Pasture.

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