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Cultural Appropriation at Warren Wilson College

White people can cut off their dreads or remove their bindis and recover all the privileges that might have been deferred because of their choice in appearance. It doesn’t work like that for everybody else.

Graduating senior comments on the vandalism that was recently directed towards Dean of Students Deb Myers

Hunt criticizes offenders as “‘local’ revolutionaries”

New voter ID state policy threatens students and minority populations’ right to vote

Chloe Stuber, ’11 Do you have a driver’s license? Does it show your current NC address and name? If you answered no to either of these questions, you will not eligible to vote in person in any upcoming elections if a new voter identification bill is passed by NC legislature. In March of 2009, NC [...]

Anarcho-Primitivism and Christianity: Ecological Imperatives beyond Belief

Dave Grace, junior There are ample resources for criticism of christianity as anti-ecological based on the development of the historical form of the Church, implicitly and explicitly espousing a message of Earth domination with the disembodied belief in an otherworldly future, in as much as it has been aligned with industrial forces. This brand of [...]

Open Letter to Dean of Students

Approved by the Student Caucus As students and a body representing the student voice of the college, we rise with concern and disappointment regarding the recent decisions made in the Student Life Office. We are less concerned about the decisions themselves and more that students have not been adequately involved in the decision-making process. This [...]

Letter from departing RISE director Kelly Kelbel

Dear Warren Wilson Community, I have been grappling with how to write a thank you letter to several hundred people, one that captures how I really feel about this place and how I feel about you. It is so hard to say goodbye. I’ve spent hours in my office with seniors not quite ready to [...]

Our bodies, our voices, our choices

Take a stand against H.R. 1 and H.R. 3

The Green Buzz, 2.18.11

Green Buzz update on water usage on campus

The Green Buzz 2.9.11

Keep an eye on water usage.

The Green Buzz 2.4.11

from The ELC The Environmental Leadership Center’s Campus Greening Crew is proud to resurrect The Green Buzz—a regular Echo column devoted to exploring, myth-busting and celebrating WWC’s sustainability pursuits.  Please send us ideas of topics you’d like us to cover, myths you’d like us to bust, or actions on campus that deserve recognition.  Send to [...]

Impending Doom: A discussion of zombiicfation prevention

Many of us are familiar with the story of how the Ninja Turtles came to be: a container of radioactive green glowing ooze spilled out onto four baby turtles and a rat causing them to grow abnormally large and super smart. After extensive training from Splinter in the art of ninjutsu the Teenage Mutant Ninja [...]

Stylish and decadent tragi-comedy on stage

from The Theater Crew Warren Wilson begins the new year with a Jacobean tragedy full of lust, treachery, retribution and – oddly – humor. Written by Thomas Middleton, Shakespeare’s contemporary, “Women Beware Women” has recently been performed by London’s National Theatre and the Red Bull Theatre of New York City. Written almost 400 years ago and adapted [...]

Advancement Office seeks students to join the Phonathon team this Spring

from The Advancement Office It’s a special time of year. The days get longer. Birds fly home. And a select group of college students take to the phones to fundraise for Warren Wilson. In a college Phonathon, representatives call alumni and chat, usually updating contact information and inviting them to honor the college with a [...]

Biggest energy burden on campus: water

Jess Fadem, Energy Services’ plumbing specialist, developed a plan to drastically reduce water usage in a majority of buildings across the Warren Wilson College campus.

Walking back alone

Although our campus feels secure, it is important to remember that the “Wilson bubble” can be popped.
Sophomore Sydney Gregory was attacked on campus this October. Here, she shares her story.

An update and reminder from the Environmental Leadership Center

At the Environmental Leadership Center, focus has been directed towards educational campaigns that run in line with the interests of the Climate Action Goal: a 25% reduction in Electricity and a 20% reduction in Natural Gas use by 2014.

RISE Crew accepting Knit for Nancy donations

The RISE Project is accepting donations for Knit for Nancy. Who is Nancy? Nancy is any woman or child living in the safe-house at Helpmate, Asheville’s domestic violence agency. Knit for Nancy will be collecting hand-knitted or crocheted scarves, hats, gloves, socks, and other items. You can receive up to four hours of service per item and up to 25 total hours of service per Knit for Nancy drive.

Sexual liberation on stage: a preview of “Cloud 9″

Wendy Eliot, Guest Writer (weliot@wwc) Warren Wilson Theatre begins its 2010-2011 season with a satire of sex, race and class, appropriately titled Cloud Nine, playing November 11th through November 14th. Written by award winning playwright Caryl Churchill, this play has been called by critics a “special workout for the imagination.” Cloud Nine takes place in [...]

What’s new at the bike shop?

That’s about to change, though. Xenia Pantos, one of only two crew members who held over from last year’s crew, was looking through some old Bike Shop records when she made a discovery: a system that streamlined the pickup and drop-off of bicycles.

Plumbing to install shower timers

As part of an ELC Campus Greening Seed Grant, 5 minute hourglass timers are set to become a fixture in all bathrooms to help students become more conscious of their water use.

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