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Queer Resource Center merges with EMPOWER

Crews with similar priorities join forces

Burglary from vending machines in Dorland

Vending machine owner patient but will remove machine

Dorland’s Geek Cave returns to business as geeky as ever

Area in the Dorland Basement reviewed as den of video games and action figures.

Changes to RA/RD policy to be implemented next year

A new change to policy, to be implemented next year, will place new restrictions on the participation of resident assistants and residence directors in the Work Program

Peace and Justice students recognized for scholarly achievements

Two seniors participate in UNESCO training program.

New group forms to promote awareness and activism relating to Latin American culture and issues

WHOLA works on mission statement and assembling group of like-minded people to discuss Latino/a culture, issues and more.

Public Safety Report Feb. 11-13

Reports include dorm damage caused by clubs and knives.

Farewell Dichromate

We say goodbye to a long time friend.

Interim Director of Multicultural Affairs Resigns

Gerald Spates, the well liked director, leaves for opportunity at NC A&T University

Alicia Rink “Runs for Freedom”

Student completes half marathon to celebrate overcoming near-death struggle with Anorexia

Burst pipe floods Village A

Damaged property belonging to residents will not be reimbursed due to lack of renter’s insurance

College partners with Asheville Transit to expand bus service

To Black Mountain!

Wanted: The King of Toys

Public Safety hunts for mastermind behind new toy installation in the library.

The Birds, the Bees, the Owls: Polyamorous Relationships and Group Sex on campus

Warren Wilson culture goes far out of its way to protect one’s right to any sexual preference, but recent events in Dorland have lead some students to question just how far we should go with our right to “free love.”

Five Residence Life staff leave posts

A number of resident assistants on campus have decided to throw in the towel after this semester due to an increase in position responsibilities.

Students react to strategic efforts to curb substance use on campus

The school, according to several students, fails to take into account a greater problem linked to substance use, particularly the smoking of tobacco. Students feel that there are too few opportunities and settings for students to gather and socialize. This problem has only been exacerbated by school policy, which makes it more difficult for parties to be organized. The introduction of party contracts and limits on the number of occupants allowed in rooms aggravate the problem of socializing further.

Transgender awareness week

The event lineup included one trans-focused workshop each night, covering topics including: establishing a transgender vernacular and creating a space to talk about trans issues on campus; health, sex, and sexuality; the formation and expression of queer identities through a lens of spirituality; and the treatment of transgender prisoners.

Computing Services: inside your campus internetz, fixin’ your frustrationz

Chris Biddle, Staff Writer (cbiddle@wwc) It’s regrettably late on a Thursday night, and you’re working on that term paper that’s worth half of your grade.  You use what information you can get in the library, but the key sources to pull your paper together can only be found on the Internet.  The only problem is [...]

What’s new at the bike shop?

That’s about to change, though. Xenia Pantos, one of only two crew members who held over from last year’s crew, was looking through some old Bike Shop records when she made a discovery: a system that streamlined the pickup and drop-off of bicycles.

Village B questions “Quiet Contract,” sparks curiosity about the whats and whys of housing contracts

For all four types of specialized housing — Substance Free/Wellness, Designated Quiet, Preston House Co-op, and Ecodorm — there is a specific contract, and each one carries the same consequence for breach of guidelines: potential relocation. Are these contracts practical? Area Coordinator of the Village and Housing Coordinator Joyce Milling talks about community.

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