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Freshman publicly detained, dismissed from school at community gathering

Freshman David Enge was dismissed from school April 15 after live ammunition was found in his room

Board of Trustees approves new governance model, to be implemented next school year at Warren Wilson College

The new model consists of three major changes to the current governance model.

Damages from flooding continue throughout semester

Student responsible for tampering with sprinkler head

Early vandalism to new vending machines indicates antagonism

College ends business with former provider and goes with franchisee

Faculty adjust access at DeVries next year due to increased theft

Staff and Faculty propose how to limit access to building

Warren Wilson College Wins Big At North Carolina Academy of Science

Many students take home awards for natural sciences

Health Center Relocated, Retains Hope

Sarah Banks, Staff Writer On the morning of Monday April 4, staff arrived at the Health Center to find the building had flooded substantially. The effected areas sprawled from the small examination room, to the waiting room and the counseling center. Additionally, bathrooms below the building and the basement were damaged. The cause of the [...]

Sports Rundown

Paddling and Frisbee

Student Life questions Let’s Talk about Sex orientation program

Students continue to maintain support for presentation

Multicultural Resource Center “forgotten” without supervisor

After supervisor left, crew’s three members plan and organize crew-sponsored events on their own

Highlights from the space consultant’s report

Spacial needs include areas for students to congregate, meeting areas, and activity spaces.

The search for a new RISE director begins, slowly

Director of Student Activities, Dan Seeger, serving as interim supervisor

Assistant dean of student life position eliminated

Sherolyn Hopkins leaves post and college

Preston House issue undecided

Pfeiffer proposes to rethink eviction

Flooding in Sunderland leads to relocation of students

Assessment of recent flooding in freshman dorm

Student Caucus Appeals for Inclusion in Student Life

Caucus has expressed a willingness to work with Student Life so that challenges are addressed appropriately.

RISE Director Kelly Kelbel leaves at end of term

Kelbel leaves to pursue two month program at Penland School of Crafts

Caucus rewards grants

Caucus distributes funds to 9 projects and proposals

Crossing the Bridge

Student Life Committee explores possibility of integrated housing on campus

For two students, Austrian dream a week-long reality

Imagine walking through the streets of Salzburg, Austria, surrounded by the Swiss Alps, castles and signs written in German. Imagine being completely at home, surrounded by strangers and talking about all things taboo.

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